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Con Dao Island in Vietnam

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The Kon Dao Archipelago is located in the South China Sea and consists of 14 islands and islets. Originally, Kon Dao Island was used as a place for imprisoning the revolutionaries. To this day, you can observe several prisons here, which were built by the French colonialists in 1861, later these prisons were actively used by the American imperialists.

Today, Con Dao is an absolutely peaceful area, completely specializing in serving tourists. Much of the island's area has been converted into a National Park with mango forests and coconut groves. Tourists are also attracted to the island by beautiful sandy beaches, clear sea and rich underwater world.

From the top of Mount Thanh Zha, a breathtaking view of the reserve and nearby islands opens.

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Topic: Con Dao Island in Vietnam.Con Dao Island in Vietnam

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