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Fountain of Turtles in Italy, Rome resort

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The Fountain of the Turtles, located in Piazza Mattei in Rome, is a late Renaissance fountain.

The fountain was built in the 80s XVI century. Giacomo della Porta became the architect of the project. The sculptures were created by Taddeo Landini.

The turtles climbing the fountain bowl were added during the renovation in 1658-1659.

It is believed that turtles in company with dolphins symbolize the motto `` Hurry up slowly. '' Others have a fountain associated with the myth of Ganymede and Jupiter.

The Turtle Fountain was created to provide the city with drinking water. The fountain was included in a group of 18 fountains in Rome, built in the 16th century by order of Pope Gregory the Thirteenth during the reconstruction of the aqueducts of Ancient Rome.

The project was financed by the wealthy Roman family of Mattei. According to legend, after the construction of the fountain, its splendor so impressed the future father-in-law of Duke Mattei that he immediately agreed to give his daughter in marriage. After the wedding, the duke walled up the palace window, from where a beautiful view opened. This window remains walled up to this day. In fact, the current palazzo was built later than the fountain.

The fountain is decorated with figures of eight dolphins and four naked youths. The production of sculptures was originally planned from marble, but soon it was decided to make them from bronze, which, by the way, it cost a lot more. The sculptures of the youths were made in the mannerism style.

The fountain consists of a square-shaped pool, in the central part of which there is a pedestal with a ball made of African marble. There are four putti heads around the ball, from which water flows into the pool. There is a marble sink at each corner of the pool. Around the ball there are four young men resting, holding on to the tails of dolphins with one hand, trying to reach the upper bowl of the fountain.

Previously, water was delivered to the fountain from the aqueduct by gravity, however, due to the height difference there was not enough water. It was soon decided to move the four dolphin figures to the Fontana della Terrina fountain, located in the Campo dei Fiori square. and then to the Catholic New Church.

The fountain was originally called the Mattei Fountain. After construction, it immediately became quite popular. In 1588, the famous writer Girolamo Ferrucci dubbed it the most beautiful and perfect Roman fountain.

After the dolphins were removed, raising the hands of the young men seemed unjustified, so small sculptures of turtles were added to the composition. In 1979, after one of the turtles was stolen, they were replaced with copies.


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