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Botanical Garden in Croatia, Zagreb resort

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The Botanical Garden was originally created as a platform for research activities of the Faculty of Botany of the University of Zagreb. Antuna Heinz is considered its founder.   In 1889, Milan Lenuch proposed to rebuild the garden, and he acquired the style of a classic English park.

The garden covers an area of 50,000 square meters and is part of a complex of parks that form the"green horseshoe" of the lower part of the city of Zagreb.

There are two ponds in the botanical garden with a variety of algae and beautiful lilies. Decorative bridges are thrown across the ponds. There is a tree nursery in the garden.

More than 10,000 plant species grow here, and plants from all over the world are represented. The number of representatives of tropical and Asian flora prevails over other plants from other latitudes.  

In 1989, in honor of the centenary of the garden, a small plate was installed, where the date of the founding of the botanical garden is indicated.

The garden is a great place for relaxing breaks and leisurely walks.  


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Topic: Botanical Garden in Croatia, Zagreb resort.Botanical Garden in Croatia, Zagreb resort

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