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Botanical Garden in Austria, Linz spa

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The Botanical Garden, located in Linz, is one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. Its area is about 43,000 square meters, where more than 10,000 different plant species grow. The botanical garden is known for its magnificent collection of orchids and cacti. Natural conditions make it possible to group plants into beautiful natural landscapes so that visitors can feel like they are in their natural habitat.

The Botanical Garden was created in the early 20th century by the Natural Science Society as a public institution. During World War II, almost all plants died. After the war was over,   in 1946 the Education Council of Upper Austria submitted an application for the creation of a new botanical garden. In 1950, a new garden was opened on an area of 1.8 hectares. By purchasing neighboring land in 1961, the garden was expanded. In the following years, numerous transformations were made in the garden, the construction of administrative buildings, greenhouses and greenhouses. In 2000, an open-air theater, a cafe and a conference hall were opened on the territory of the botanical garden, which made it possible to hold cultural events here.

The part of the botanical garden, which is located in the open air, divided into 31 thematic sectors. There are endangered plant species, seasonal flower beds, shrubs, mixed and beech forests, a department of spices, medicinal plants and rare vegetable crops. The flora of Asia, Africa, Japan, the Caucasus is widely represented. Here you can see very rare varieties of roses.  

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Topic: Botanical Garden in Austria, Linz spa.Botanical Garden in Austria, Linz spa

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