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Inexpensive vacation for residents of the Novosibirsk region

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We are used to associating vacation with something expensive, so during the crisis we have already firmly decided to stay at home on our vacation. But in fact, it is not at all difficult to have a good rest, even for a small amount - and the site will tell you how to do it in the Novosibirsk region.

Rest closer to home

The road on vacation – always the most precious thing. Therefore, in order to save as much as possible on vacation, it is worth going somewhere closer – relax in the area itself or not far from its borders. Fortunately, this is not at all difficult in the Novosibirsk region.

Outdoor activities

The Novosibirsk region with its forests, the Ob and Berd rivers, lakes and the Ob Sea – an ideal place for outdoor recreation, in sanatoriums and recreation centers. For example, you can mark the recreation center Sirius not far from Novosibirsk, Ust-Aleus and Morozovo on the shore of the Ob Sea, Lazurnaya Bay on the shore of the Vats salt lake, and many others, beautiful and interesting places. Also noteworthy is the Karakansky Bor. Bases cost from a thousand rubles per night, although in some places in the vicinity you can stay with a tent, and it will certainly be quite inexpensive.


Recreation center"Ust-Aleus"

For a little more money, you can go to Altai. Delivery there from Novosibirsk will cost about three thousand rubles in both directions. Are engaged in delivery by car travel agencies or individuals – phones and tariffs can be easily found on the Internet. Delivery is carried out to the most popular places, for example, Lake Aya, Teletskoye Lake or Belokurikha. Rest there costs from 500 rubles per night, or from 15-20 thousand for an organized tour.

Tomskaya Pisanitsa


And you can also go to Baikal – a train to Irkutsk will cost about 3 thousand rubles, a plane will cost a little more.


If you don't really want to relax in nature, then there is an excursion vacation for you. Vacation – a good reason to visit the capital of the region, Novosibirsk – look at its architectural landmarks, visit museums and, of course, visit the local zoo.



From neighboring cities it is worth visiting Tomsk with its interesting architecture and small sculptures, and Krasnoyarsk with cultural and natural attractions. Or you can go closer to Tomsk Pisanitsa – open-air museum-reserve. The way there lies through Kemerovo, a ticket to which costs 500 rubles. Or you can take an organized tour with a transfer, which will cost only 1600-1800 rubles.


Tomsk Pisanitsa

How to save on long trips

Long trips are undoubtedly much more expensive, however, they can be made much cheaper – and the site will tell you exactly how.

Choose cheaper tickets

The most important thing in a long journey – save as much as possible on tickets. Fortunately, residents of the Novosibirsk region do not need to do practically anything for this - air tickets from here are the cheapest in the area. They even come to Novosibirsk from other regions to save a lot.

Sometimes, to save money, it will be useful to choose a bus or a train instead of an airplane, but, for example, it will be more expensive to get to Moscow, and the price of air to Irkutsk - and the train ticket is almost the same. So always compare prices carefully.

You can save a lot if you use services or websites to find fellow travelers. There, drivers are looking for people for joint trips to save on gasoline – and their prices are often one and a half to two times lower, than similar travel by bus or train.

Don't travel too far

Novosibirsk – not the best starting point for traveling to Europe, so it may not be cheap to travel. It is much better to pay attention to the Asian countries – for example, you can fly to Kazakhstan for only 4 thousand rubles one way. An inexpensive option may be Mongolia and China, but from beach resorts it is better to choose not Greece, but Thailand or Vietnam.



Instead of Turkey, Israel, Abkhazia and Georgia also offer inexpensive beach vacations now, but this may cost more due to the remoteness.

Book tours and tickets in advance

Many used to buying last minute tours or air tickets, believing that it will be cheaper. Indeed, sales and discounts sometimes happen, but the site claims that you can often save a lot by planning your trip in advance. A few days before departure, prices often go up to earn more on latecomers. And if you prepare in advance, you can get an early booking discount or see some very good deal.

Choose cheap places to stay

In Russia, hostels – small hotels for travelers looking to save money. A night in the hostel costs only 300-400 rubles, however, the amenities are minimal – a room for 6-8 people with a shared toilet and shower. But it is very inexpensive, and many, especially young people, like the friendly atmosphere in such mini-hotels. By the way, there are hostels in Europe.



Another good way to save money , especially if you are not traveling alone – rent an apartment by the day. For just a thousand, you will receive a fully equipped apartment with a kitchen, which will allow you to save on food, and a real home atmosphere. Some experienced travelers rent apartments and houses even on trips to Europe or Asia – if you know English, you can take a risk.

As you can see, there are many ways to save money on vacation, and even in a crisis you can arrange a wonderful vacation for yourself. Have a good and inexpensive vacation!
There are many ways to save money on vacation, and even in a crisis, you can arrange yourself a wonderful vacation. Have a good and inexpensive vacation!
There are many ways to save on vacation, and even in a crisis you can arrange a wonderful vacation for yourself. Have a good and inexpensive vacation!

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Topic: Inexpensive vacation for residents of the Novosibirsk region.Inexpensive vacation for residents of the Novosibirsk region

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