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How Christmas is celebrated in South Korea

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For many, it may seem strange, but South Korea for Asian countries is perhaps the most important place for the Christmas holidays. The number of Catholics, thanks to the influence of Anglo-Saxon culture, is quite large here, so Christmas is one of the brightest holidays in this amazing country.

For the first time, Koreans learned about this holiday"live" in 1953, when in the demilitarized zone, US Army soldiers hosted a charity Christmas party for Korean orphans. Then the Asian people were so imbued with the holiday that it was decided to celebrate it annually, and on a state basis.

It is worth saying that the Koreans have a very specific attitude to the holiday, for them it will always be associated with the end of hostilities. therefore, events, held since the beginning of December are specific.

Christmas in South Korea

Christmas in South Korea

For example, as early as December 1, the Salvation Army, a charitable an organization that collects aid for children without parents. Koreans willingly donate clothes, toys and money to the funds of this organization, which then arranges a holiday for all orphans.

Also throughout December, a bright action is held in large shopping centers in Korean cities:"My dad is Santa Claus." Any man who wants to can rent a good old Santa's costume and make his child happy with a gift. These actions are public and attract a huge number of viewers.

Still, the main events of Korean Christmas coincide with the Catholic calendar.

December 25

This day is marked by mass worship in Korean churches, where a huge number of people come, including young people. The concept of religiosity for Koreans is very conditional - on December 25, many come to temples to enjoy organ music and legendary Christmas carols.

In addition, Christmas in South Korea is also a kind of Valentine's Day, albeit February 14 it is noted here quite clearly. Young couples will become an obligatory attribute of the holiday, walking along the main streets of cities, squares and parks. Often, such couples gather in large companies, arranging impromptu concerts. Popular Christmas hits sing at such performances.

Gifts are a must-have attribute of Christmas in South Korea. There are no strict rules, but both adults and children will be incredibly happy with the presented toy. Teddy bears, snowmen, Santa Claus reindeer and other symbols of the winter holidays are very popular.

The Christmas table is of particular importance. Koreans do not like to cook very much, but not because of personal qualities, but due to lack of time, so many a couple of weeks before Christmas are already storming stores in search of a turkey or at least a duck.


Original Korean youth also express their views in celebration Christmas. Seoul and other major cities regularly host themed parties on this holiday, which can shock conservative Europeans. For example, in recent years, it has become fashionable to celebrate Christmas in the hip-hop style - in clothes of the appropriate style, with appropriate music and surroundings. The spectacle, frankly speaking, is specific.

It sounds strange, but for some parts of South Korea, the Christmas holidays can remind of themselves all year round. Asian practicality sometimes takes over

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Topic: How Christmas is celebrated in South Korea.How Christmas is celebrated in South Korea

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