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Inexpensive vacation for residents of the Leningrad Region

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There is a crisis in the yard, but everyone still wants a good rest. But on vacation it is not at all necessary to spend large sums – The portal can tell you several ways to have a good rest, while saving a lot.

Rest near home

The easiest way to have a cheap rest is – it doesn't get far from home. And the Leningrad region offers many options for this.

Recreation centers and sanatoriums

Vacation or weekend in nature – it is a wonderful relaxation for body and soul. In the Leningrad Region there are quite a few inexpensive sanatoriums and recreation centers for every taste, with fishing, opportunities for sports and other interesting entertainments. Accommodation prices start from a thousand rubles and, if you search, you can find quite inexpensive options.

Some holiday homes are located near interesting natural attractions. You can visit Gatchina geysers, Lindulovskaya grove, Oredezhskie caves – and all this is very inexpensive. Somewhere you can come with a tent – then vacation will be really cheap.

Vacation close to home

Rest near home

Excursion rest

There are many natural beauties in the Leningrad region, but it is really interesting for its cultural sights.

If you do not live in Petersburg, then you should definitely visit this wonderful city on vacation, all the sights that are worth seeing in it, it is impossible to even list. To save money in St. Petersburg, you can stay in an inexpensive hotel from a thousand rubles per night, or in general in a hostel for 300-500 rubles – albeit with less convenience, but economically.

You can go a little further, to Moscow – you can get there for the amount from a thousand rubles, and living conditions in Moscow are about the same. Organized excursions are usually quite expensive, so to save money it is better to wander around Moscow on your own.

Residents of the Leningrad region, by the way, are in a very advantageous position – they can travel to Europe by bus or car, significantly saving on the flight. Short tours start at just ten thousand for a price, and it will be even cheaper to go on your own - and ndash; some carriers arrange promotions, selling their tickets for only 1-2 thousand. In the Scandinavian countries themselves, you can also stay in hostels or in inexpensive hotels.

Ways to save money on long trips

If you have already traveled around your home and you want to go somewhere further away, then on long trips you can save money – if you know how. Especially for you, the site has some useful tips for saving.

Choose cheap tickets

In the Leningrad region, it is quite cheap to fly to other countries – various low-cost airlines and cheap airlines regularly arrive in St. Petersburg. Tickets from low-cost airlines are really at very low prices, but you will have to pay extra for any baggage. But people without luggage can save a lot. You can also closely monitor different stocks – in connection with the crisis, many discount prices for air and train tickets.

Don't travel too far

Traveling to the USA, Australia or the Seychelles is definitely not inexpensive because of its remoteness. It will be much more profitable for residents of the Leningrad region to go to European countries, and to choose, for example, Greece – tours are there from 20 thousand rubles, and if you wish, you can find cheaper.

By the way, inexpensive beach holidays as an alternative to Turkey and Egypt are now offered by Israel, Abkhazia and some other countries.

Rest in Abkhazia

Rest in Abkhazia

Book tours and tickets in advance

It is widely believed that if you take tickets or tickets at the last moment, you can save a lot. Indeed, sometimes in recent days, if something is not sold out, sales are arranged, but this certainly does not apply to popular destinations. Plan your vacation a few months before your vacation and buy tickets early. It will be useful to track stocks – there are many of them now due to the crisis, and often they are sold strongly in advance. The same goes for tours.

Choose cheap places to live

When traveling in Russia and Europe, a great way to save money is – stop at hostels. Hostels – These are the recently popular hostel-style hotels with multi-bed dorms and shared facilities. You can spend the night in such hotels from almost 300 rubles per bed, which is a serious savings. Sometimes hostels have kitchens where you can cook your own food, which also saves you money. By the way, often hostels have separate rooms for one or two people, which are still much cheaper than hotel rooms.

If hostels do not suit you, then a good option would be renting a house or an apartment for rent. This option is especially good during a holiday on our Black Sea coast – there are a lot of houses for rent, and often it is cheaper than hotels. And you can cook yourself too, to save money. Renting an apartment abroad – business is more troublesome, but if you know English, then there will be no problems with this either, especially in Europe.

There are many ways to save money on vacation in Russia and abroad, so that even in a crisis you can please yourself great vacation.
still much cheaper than hotel rooms.

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Topic: Inexpensive vacation for residents of the Leningrad Region.Inexpensive vacation for residents of the Leningrad Region

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