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Inexpensive vacation for residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

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Despite the crisis, we all want to have a good rest. But vacations don't have to be expensive – especially for the residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the website has collected several options and tricks for an inexpensive vacation.

Rest closer to home

If you have very little money, but you want to rest, then why not stay in the area or not to visit neighboring cities? This way you will significantly save on the road, and your rest will be no less intense.


The most economical option for rest – it is a vacation at a tourist base. In the vicinity of Krasnoyarsk and in the region there are many of them in picturesque forests, on the shores of lakes and on the banks of the Yenisei flowing through the region. Rest at the bases is quite inexpensive, from 500 rubles per night, and the entertainment there is really interesting, from horseback riding to hiking in the surrounding attractions. There is a place to visit in the north of the Krasnoyarsk region – for example, the Putorana Plateau is worth a visit. By the way, in nature, you can just put up a tent – there will be a very economical vacation.

Putorana plateau

Putorana plateau

If you want something more interesting and have large sums of money, you can go to Altai. To get there, you need to get to Barnaul – it will cost from 1800 rubles. There are also a lot of recreation centers in Altai for about the same money, and all of them are located near natural attractions, such as Lake Teletskoye, Chemal, Katun or Lake Aya. Organized tours to Altai from Krasnoyarsk cost from 15 thousand excluding the road.

Another inexpensive option for outdoor recreation – trip to Baikal. The train to Irkutsk will cost only a couple of thousand, and there Baikal with its tourist centers is already a stone's throw away. And a good option would be to rest in Khakassia – travel to Abakan will cost from 500 rubles.


If you want to relax culturally, then from the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory it is not far from many interesting cities. For example, you can visit Krasnoyarsk itself, with its amazing sights and the Stolby reserve. Also, attention is Yeniseisk, Artemovsk, Achinsk and some other cities.

Further you can go, for example, to Novosibirsk – a train ticket will cost about a thousand rubles. In the capital of Siberia, you can look at architectural landmarks, visit interesting museums, and visit the pride of Novosibirsk – his zoo.

How to save money on long trips

If you plan to travel far, then you can save a lot here too - – of course, if you know some tricks.

Choose cheaper tickets

The most expensive on a long journey – these are air tickets. If you live in Krasnoyarsk, then there is a good way to save money. The fact is that flights from Novosibirsk are usually much cheaper than from Krasnoyarsk, so if you spend two thousand on the road from Novosibirsk and back, you will still save a lot. Although the journey will certainly take longer.

Also, if possible, travel by train or bus – in Russia, such trips will certainly cost you less, even more so if you are not going to get to Moscow or Sochi in this way.

Don't travel too far

A flight from Krasnoyarsk to Europe or the UAE cannot be called a cheap trip. But for example, a vacation in Kazakhstan, China or Mongolia can cost significantly less, especially with a flight from Novosibirsk – for example, you can fly to Kazakhstan for eight thousand in both directions.

 Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

  If you want a beach holiday, then Thailand is now an inexpensive alternative to Egypt and Turkey, Vietnam and Abkhazia.

Book tours and tickets in advance

Recently, it has become not very profitable to buy hot tours or air tickets a day or two before departure. Not only can you end up without a vacation - and ndash; there is a possibility of overpaying. On popular destinations in the last few days, prices often go up, not down, so there is no talk of any savings.

Better to plan your vacation in advance – especially since many airlines and travel agencies have various discounts and promotions for early booking.

Choose cheap places to stay

Another not cheap travel component – this is living. Hotels are not cheap at all and food cannot be cooked in them – which means that you will have to spend money on a cafe, which significantly increases the cost of recreation. Fortunately, there is a good way out of this situation - – holiday rental apartments and houses. It will cost significantly less, especially if you are not traveling alone, and will also allow you to cook your own food. By the way, some rent apartments even when traveling abroad – there are special sites for this, but it is advisable to know at least English.

Another way to save money – stay at a hostel. There are hostels both in Krasnoyarsk and in many large cities of Russia and Europe. You will have to spend the night with strangers, but the cost of a bed will be from 300 rubles.

As you can see, it is quite easy to make a vacation inexpensive, and at the same time complete. The main thing – think everything over and look carefully. Enjoy your holiday!

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Topic: Inexpensive vacation for residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.Inexpensive vacation for residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

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