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Where to rest in winter for residents of Barnaul

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  • Beach vacation abroad;

  • Ski vacation in Russia;

  • Excursion holidays in Russia.

Vacation does not always fall in the summer – often you have to plan your vacation for the winter. And on New Year's holidays, you often want to have a good rest, having escaped somewhere from your hometown.

Fortunately, winter holidays from Barnaul can be very diverse. Basically people prefer to go abroad to the beaches, or go skiing – especially since there is such a resort as Sheregesh nearby. However, sightseeing tours around Russia are also popular. Let's consider all these directions in more detail.

Beach holidays abroad

In winter, everyone wants to escape into summer – take a break from the Barnaul cold weather, bask in the sun and swim in the sea. Unfortunately, in winter, many resorts are completely unsuitable for a beach holiday, for example, Turkey, Egypt or Europe. But Thailand and Vietnam, on the contrary, become relevant precisely in winter, as it rains here in summer, but in winter the climate is much more favorable.

Tours to Thailand from Barnaul

Thailand is very popular among Russian tourists. It is especially loved by residents of the Asian part of Russia, including Barnaul, since it is located in Asia, closer, than European resorts. This means you don't have to spend a lot on the flight and spend a long time on the plane.

Thailand – a pleasant country for recreation, with a sufficiently developed infrastructure and ample opportunities for recreation. There are interesting sights, unusual shows, comfortable hotels and a clear sea where you can swim, dive and other active sports. There are also quite a few Russian tourists in Thailand, so the hotel staff often speaks Russian.



The weather from December to mid-March in Thailand is very comfortable. Happy the air temperature does not rise above +30 ° C, and the water warms up to +28 ° C. At the same time, it is very sunny and rains are a very rare exception.

Last minute tours from Barnaul are mainly purchased to Pattaya and Phuket – the most popular Thai resorts with developed infrastructure and hotels and entertainment for every taste. Tours to these resorts are approximately 45,000 per person for 11 nights. All Inclusive in Thailand there is almost no, mostly hotels offer only breakfast.

Tours to Vietnam from Barnaul

Vietnam is very similar to Thailand – also an Asian country with a warm climate in winter. A few years ago, almost no one flew there, however, now the infrastructure of Vietnam is very actively developing, so that the Barnaul tourists began to master it. In addition, it is very pleasant that Vietnam is cheaper than Thailand – a tour for 11 nights per person will cost only around 26 thousand rubles, that is, almost two times cheaper than to Phuket or Pattaya.



In December Vietnam begins a dry season that lasts until April. True, in March it is too hot and stuffy here, so it is best to relax in Vietnam from December to March. The air temperature at this time rises to an average of + 30 ° C, and the water – up to +27 ° C. At the same time it is very sunny and practically no precipitation. True, this applies only to the south of Vietnam – it is not too warm in the north, but tourists hardly ever come there.

Of the Vietnamese resorts, Nyanchang is the most popular. Also, people often rest on Da Nang and Phan Thiet. In Vietnam, there are ample opportunities for medical holidays, there are interesting oriental sights, but mostly the rest is calm and not as noisy as in Thailand. That is why families with children love Vietnam.

Ski holidays in Russia

Barnaul is located very well – close enough to Gornaya Shoria, and therefore to such a popular ski resort as Sheregesh. Therefore, in winter, any Barnaul resident can afford a tour to Sheregesh from Barnaul for at least a couple of days. Short tours with transfer, accommodation and meals cost no more than 10 thousand, and longer ones, for 5-7 nights, are also inexpensive – about 20 thousand.



Sheregesh is located near Zelenaya Mountain. It is distinguished by a very developed infrastructure, and every year it becomes more and more popular with residents not only of Siberia, but also of all of Russia. In 2014 it was recognized as one of the most popular ski resorts in Russia. And, which is nice, you can get to it directly from Barnaul.

Trails and cable cars

Ski areas in Sheregesh are located on the tops of four mountains: Mustag, Zelenaya, Utuya and Kurgan. Vertical drop – 600 meters, the longest track – 3 thousand meters. Mount Zelenaya is good because snow falls there already in November, and melts only in mid-May, so you can ride here for a very long time, almost until summer. Other Russian resorts usually cannot offer such a long ski vacation.

Most skiing takes place on Mount Zelenaya. There are two sectors for skiing: A and E.

Sector A

This sector includes eight tracks, two of which have FIS certificates. There are two slopes in the steep upper part of the slope:

  • Black-red left;

  • Black right, with a slope of about 35 degrees.

Around the middle of the slope the tracks merge into one common, much flatter, so that beginners ride on it. And on both sides of the lifts there is a `` powder '' - unprepared tracks, which are also interesting to ride.

The width of the tracks ranges from 50 to 200 meters, the highest point for skiing – 1270 meters.

Sector E

Sector E has two slopes and two lifts – gondola lift and clasp lift. There is a system of artificial snowmaking. Thanks to the unique microclimate in this sector, you can ride even in a very strong snowstorm. The zone is new enough but it is developing very intensively. Recently, a snow park was built here for training in any style of skiing.

By the way, recently an excellent six-seater cable car was opened at the resort, so you can get to the top of Zelena in just ten minutes.

The lifts work. from 9 am to 5 pm. At the same time, the tracks are not illuminated at night, and it is strictly forbidden to ride on them.

The tracks are equipped for both skiing and snowboarding, and ample opportunities for freeriding make Sheregesh a very interesting resort where every year you can relax on -new.

The infrastructure here is also very developed, there are many hotels, cafes, clubs and other entertainment for tourists. So even if you get tired of riding, you definitely won't get bored here.

Excursion holidays in Russia

Winter – this is a great time for an excursion vacation. And Barnaul in this sense is quite original, since even in winter tours to Gorny Altai from Barnaul are popular here. However, there is nothing surprising here. Gorny Altai – an amazing place, it is not far from Barnaul, and even in winter there is something to see.

Tours in winter are mainly sightseeing, with a look at interesting architectural and natural attractions. Some places, of course, cannot be reached in winter, but if you have already been to Altai in summer, it may be interesting for you to look at Chemal or Katun in winter. Well, rest on Belokurikha does not know the seasons at all – there you can always improve your health.

however, you will have to fly from Novosibirsk. But getting from Barnaul to Novosibirsk is not so difficult.

Excursion tours abroad in winter in Barnaul are not so popular, but sometimes tourists go to the Czech Republic, or rather to Prague – here on New Year's Eve a very special atmosphere also reigns.

As you can see, a good rest in winter – this is not a myth, but a real reality. There are a lot of options, and they are often very economical, so that anyone can afford a quality winter vacation.

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Topic: Where to rest in winter for residents of Barnaul.Where to rest in winter for residents of Barnaul

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