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Drinks of Vietnam

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ImageImage Green tea has been consumed in Vietnam for about two thousand years
Vietnam has mastered the production technology of almost any type of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. At the same time, local masters love, using a traditional recipe, to add some zest to it, creating a new unique taste. Therefore, you should definitely try Vietnamese drinks on vacation, and even grab them with you as a souvenir.

As for soft drinks, the most popular in Vietnam are tea, coffee as well as many types of fresh fruit and juice drinks. Green tea is considered the most traditional and oldest. have been consuming it in Vietnam for about two thousand years. In terms of tea production, Vietnam is one of the world leaders.

Drinking green tea always turns into a special ceremony, which is extremely important for the Vietnamese. Green tea is appropriate for business negotiations and weddings. Any guest in a Vietnamese home is first served tea. Lotus flower tea is considered to be a particularly sophisticated type.

Image Vietnamese on tea plantations

Green tea often drunk with honey, lemon or milk. A particularly popular brand is OLONG. It will also be interesting to try artichoke tea. Black tea is also widespread in Vietnam and is available in both granules and bags and tiles. Tea with bergamot oil has a particularly exquisite taste.

The coffee produced in Vietnam is also of very high quality. Locals also have their own way of making it - they just pour the ground coffee with water, and do not brew it, as usual. They drink a flavored drink with sugar and milk, best of all condensed. Real local coffee can be purchased at the Dalat market.

Image Lotus flower tea

A lot of exotic vegetables and fruits growing in Vietnam make it possible to make necks, cocktails and just juices from them. Almost any kind of them with the addition of ice will be prepared for tourists in every restaurant or bar, and such drinks are quite inexpensive. A special local exotic is sugarcane juice. It is sold in Vietnam right on the street, and here they squeeze out a sweet aromatic drink right in front of customers. Drink it with lime syrup and juice.

In addition to juices, sodas are also sold here, from traditional brands known around the world to quirky local gas fountains with absolutely sometimes incredible tastes, they add not only fruits, but also herbs and even vegetables. As for plain water, it is better to purchase it in the store, where it is hermetically sealed. It is not recommended to buy water from street vendors, as its quality can be very questionable.

Image Sugarcane juice

Among alcoholic drinks common in Vietnam, beer is celebrated, which the Vietnamese are happy to consume. Popular local varieties include Tiger, 333, Saigon and Saigon Special, Hanoi and Singha. They are usually inexpensive, they are more often found in bottles and cans, and not on tap. Famous European beer brands are also popular. Good wine is also produced in Vietnam, the inhabitants of the country are especially proud of wine from Dalat.

Image Whiskey with snakes and scorpions

thus, alcoholizing them. It is in principle possible to drink such whiskey, although many tourists do not dare to do so and buy bottles exclusively as an exotic souvenir.

Image Whiskey with snakes and scorpions

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