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Top 10 best beaches in the world

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Beach vacations will always be one of the most popular entertainment among all tourists traveling to exotic countries to take a break from work, home routine and enjoy the previously unknown nature. And sometimes the choice of a place of rest and a specific beach becomes one of the longest stages of preparation.

Someone expects restaurants with live music, discos from the beach until the early morning, while others - on the contrary -; dreams of a secluded bay and a glass of refreshing cocktail in hand. In any case, you can find your own piece of paradise, you just need to know where to look.

The portal has prepared Top-10 of the best beaches in the world according to the versions of various observers.

Baia de las Aguilas (Dominican Republic)

The Dominican Republic has long been famous for its emerald green sea, fabulous beaches and great service. But the beach area Baia de las Aguilas & ndash; an exception. This is a wild white sand beach included in the Jaragua Conservation Area.

Pedernales Beach

Pedernales Beach

To get here, you need to hire a driver from the town of Pedernales and be prepared for a few hours of driving through the jungle. But the result will justify all the costs & ndash; you just need to stock up on fresh water, for many kilometers around there is not a single store.

Playa Paraiso (Cuba)

The main beach of Cuban Cayo Largo & ndash; these are Playa Paraiso , not the central beach areas, as some reviewers say. This is a coast of the purest coral sand, washed by the blue waters of the Caribbean shoal.

 Playa Paraiso beach

Playa Paraiso beach

The beach cannot be called wild, but there is no great infrastructure here either. There are only a few small cafes and a modest nautical club. After all, the coast belongs to a nature reserve that preserves the virgin nature of the island.

Whitehaven (Australia)

Perhaps one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia – Whitehaven beach, located in Whitsunday National Park. This is a unique strip of quartz sand that changes its coastline after every high tide.

 Whitehaven Beac

Whitehaven Beach

Due to the status of the islands, getting to Whitehaven Beach is not easy & ndash; the territory is guarded by the reserve staff. But, having successfully booked a day, you can get a unique opportunity to be on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Sarakiniko (Greece)

Not too many in the world beaches named after pirates, but the Sarakiniko beach on the Greek island of Milos – from among them. Volcanic sand, picturesque cliffs with grottoes and an atmosphere of complete solitude & ndash; what else is needed for the wild rest in the heart of the European continent?

 Matira (Bora Bora)

Sarakiniko Beach

Matira (Bora Bora)

Matira Beach, which is a decoration of Bora Bora, is often called the most expensive beach in the world. And there is a reason – it is home to luxury luxury hotels and Tahiti's best entertainment areas. Nevertheless, inexpensive bungalows right on the water are also present here.

Matira beach

Matira beach

The coast is protected from waves by a high coral reef, so even in a storm, the lagoon will be safe for tourists.

Praia da Marinha (Portugal)

Beach area Praia da Marinha is often included in the list of the main natural attractions in Portugal. Surrounded by cliffs reminiscent of the American Grand Canyon, the golden sandy coastline attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year.

 Praia da Marinha beach

Praia da Marinha beach

The only disadvantage of the beach & ndash; cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. But this disadvantage is compensated by the opportunity to swim by boat to one of the many caves.

Cala Comte (Ibiza)

Those tourists who arrived in Ibiza not for the sake of nightlife, and for the sake of picturesque nature, simply must visit the small beach Cala Comte . With a length of only 120 meters, this coastal area is incredibly popular with visitors to the island.

 >Cala Comte Beach

Cala Comte Beach

This is a beach with a developed infrastructure, the possibility of renting sun loungers and a chance to take a speedboat ride in the nearest water area.

Pink Sands (Bahamas)

The Pinks Sands beach is often called one of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas and the whole world. Its name speaks for itself & ndash; coral sand has a natural pinkish tint here, which cannot but attract crowds of tourists.

 Pinks Sands Beach

Pinks Sands Beach

The coastline of this beach stretches for 2 km, and each site is perfectly equipped with everything you need for a modern and comfortable stay.

Flic en Flac (Mauritius )

Mauritius has been considered one of the world's diving capitals for a long time, but it stands apart Flic-en-Flac beach has done the most for this kind of extreme vacation. It is from here that the most famous diving instructors in the country go to show guests the rich underwater world of the archipelago.

 Flic-en-Flac beach

Flic-en-Flac beach

Interestingly, there are no luxury hotels within walking distance from the beach & ndash; all hotels here are rated 3-4 stars. But at the level of service and quality of rest, this is not reflected in any way.

Lamu (Kenya)

And this is perhaps the most unusual of all the world's beaches. Located on the eponymous island of Kenya, Lamu beach – a unique place for those who want to plunge into the ancient culture of the peoples of Africa. All sectors of the coast are located near the mangroves, which gives this place a special charm.
 Lamu beach

Lamu beach

By the way, you can only move around the island settlement on foot. The streets of the only city here are so narrow that even a small car cannot turn anywhere. The streets do not have names or numbers; all are oriented by hotels and other objects.

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Topic: Top 10 best beaches in the world.Top 10 best beaches in the world

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