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Istanbul Beaches: True Blue Beach Bar

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True Blue Beach Bar – another of Istanbul's suburban beach clubs, dictating its own pricing policy. Unlike most beaches in Turkey, where admission is free for everyone, there is a charge to enter, and this beach club can be attributed to the most expensive holiday destinations on the Turkish coast. Everything here is a kind of synonym for luxury – from restaurant interiors to all kinds of entertainment areas.

  The beach itself is in private hands and represents an ideal example of the coastline. There is clean sand and serviceable sun loungers. The only drawback is not too gentle descent into the water, but usually there are no small children in this place. For those who prefer fresh water, a swimming pool was created here.

The restaurant of the same name, located on the territory of the True Blue Beach Bar, is a symbol of this place – impeccable interior, unique design illustrates the luxury of the club. From kitchens, the restaurant prefers French and Italian dishes.

The beach area often becomes a venue for corporate parties, and even more often – various concerts of live and club music. In such cases, the entrance fee increases significantly, which will be warned about by the posters at the entrance to the beach.

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Topic: Istanbul Beaches: True Blue Beach Bar.Istanbul Beaches: True Blue Beach Bar

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