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The best beaches in the USA

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Image South Beach in Miami

America has the longest coastline, so there are many opportunities for a beach holiday. The best beaches in the world are considered to be beaches in Hawaii, the Caribbean and Miami.

South Beach in Miami is considered one of the best and most prestigious beaches in the world. Bohemia and the richest people rest here. In South Park, parties and parties are constantly held in an atmosphere of fun and laughter. Here you can see the happy faces of vacationers everywhere: tanned guys and girls, surfers, skaters, children who are delighted with water. There are many clubs, restaurants and bars in South Park. Here you can, really, relax to the fullest. The 6.5 kilometers long beach merges into Miami Beach. There are hotels and luxury apartments all along the coastline. The beach season lasts from November to April. During this period, the beaches are most crowded.

Image Kaanapali Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii there are a large number of beaches. Some of the best are Kaanapali, three miles long, and Black Rock Beach in Maui. Black Rock Beach has an interesting feature: it is divided into two parts by frozen lava. The main part is occupied by the beach area with a hotel, a golf resort, and a shopping center, and the most interesting, that all this is under a common roof. Various water sports can be enjoyed here, such as surfing, sailing and scuba diving. Waikiki Beach is one of the popular beaches in Hawaii. Translated from the local language, the name of the beach translates as “flowing fresh water”. It is located in Honolulu in the south of Oahu and is considered one of the most densely populated beaches in the world, with more than four million tourists annually. This white sandy beach is two miles long.

Image Black Rock Beach, Maui

California the west coast has something to brag about - its amazing beaches. Such a unique beach is Laguna Beach, located in the southern region of California. He is known in all states of America. Another beach that has become famous all over the world is Malibu. This beach is the most visited by celebrities. It is located on the California coast and is twenty-seven miles long. There are surfing opportunities on the beach, as well as other activities. Here you can watch whales or seabirds.

Image Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

Venice Beach Beach is very popular not only in Los Angeles, but throughout California. The beach is not just a place for swimming and sunbathing, but a real entertainment center, which is loved by both the local population and numerous tourists. Venice Beach consists of a beach, a promenade, a sports park, handball and basketball courts, a tennis court, a skate park, and many beach volleyball courts. Anyone can find something to their liking here. The service on the beach is of the highest standard and all amenities are provided. There are also paid entertainment in the form of scuba diving, jet skiing. In addition, Venice Beach is a cult destination for surfers who come here from all over the world. The beach is also visited by Hollywood celebrities and films are often shot here.

Image Laguna Beach, California

Florida is one of the world's leading beaches in the number of its beaches. On its beaches there is a large selection of various entertainments: surfing, swimming, cycling, fishing, sailing, golf, tennis, boating, water skiing, etc. Lovers of seascapes will find many interesting places here. The most famous and popular is Daytona Beach.

In the state of New York, there is the popular Coney Island, which is home to a famous beach center with a huge selection of entertainment. The beach is most popular in summer, at this time thousands of tourists rest on its territory.

Image Daytona Beach, Florida

Large South Carolina is in demand among vacationers, its beaches are suitable for romantic meetings and for a relaxing family vacation. Myrtle Beach stretches 60 miles along the scenic coastline. This beach is beautiful with its clear waters and warm ocean, it is ideal for families with children. The beach is full of restaurants, amusement parks, and many exciting water activities. Here you can go fishing, swimming, sailing, surfing. At the resorts which are here, various entertainment programs are offered for vacationers, and for children there is a large number of children's entertainment.

Image Myrtle Beach

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Topic: The best beaches in the USA.The best beaches in the USA

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