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Wild beaches of Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is famous for its wonderful resorts located on the golden sands of the Black Sea coast. There are many popular beaches that are known to everyone, including the Kabakum beach located in Varna, as well as the Cocoa Beach. in Sunny Beach and many others. But not far from the famous resorts, you can find secluded wild beaches with clear sea water and golden sand. There is no infrastructure on these beaches, but there is untouched nature, where you can enjoy peace and quiet.

Several wild beaches are located near the small resort village of Sinemorets – it is the southern point of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Not far from these beaches there are mountain ranges with oak forests. There are several beaches in these places. The northern beach is considered one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches. It is located in a national reserve where the Veleka river flows into the sea. This beach provides a unique opportunity to swim in both river and sea water, as in front of it Veleka forms a lake and the beach is washed on one side by the sea, and on the other by a mountain river. There are frequent storms here, which provides a comfortable coolness during active sun. There are no traces of civilization on the beach in the form of umbrellas and sun loungers.


Kabakum Beach

Another beach is located next to Sinemorets – Silistar. It has a wide coastline with fine sand and clear waters. This beach is well suited for families with children. The beach is guarded, so here you can enjoy some of the benefits of civilization, for example, rent a sun lounger and an umbrella. There is also a cafe and a lifeguard service on the beach. It is interesting to explore the vicinity of the beach, the nearest rocks, finding a rock with a human profile. There is an opportunity to go fishing.  

There is a bay on the coast of the Black Sea coast, which is formed thanks to a rocky promontory and a forest. In this bay is the central beach - Butamyata Bay.   It stretches for 1.5 kilometers. A river flows through the beach with white gentle sand.   The beach is not entirely wild, as you can go for a massage here, there are many eateries and cafes on the coast. Vacationers can rent sun loungers and umbrellas.

On the territory of Strandzha National Park there is the village of Lipite, which is a true natural paradise. The beach offers a magnificent view of the mouth of the Veleka River, which flows into the Black Sea. There are many small beaches, but the most beautiful and impressive is the Lipite beach. Basically, the area around is rocky, surrounded by dense forest. Here you can enjoy unspoiled nature. Since the beach is located in a protected area   national reserve, you can get to it only on foot. You can park your car in the parking lot located next to the central beach of the resort.

In the nature reserve, which includes the Kamchia River and a dense forest, there is   the longest beach. It starts with the Paradise campgrounds and `` Romance '', and ends at the Cape `` Cherni nose ''. Some types of vegetation that grow here, are found only in this area. You can go down by boat on the river, which flows through green tunnels formed by lianas and dense vegetation.  

On the way from Varna to Burgas, near the fork in the villages of Byala and Goritsa, there is the beach `` Karadere '', to which there is no paved road, as there is no infrastructure. Near the beach `` Karadere '' there are the beaches of the resorts of Shkorpilovtsi and Byala.

A popular beach among young people and nudists is Irakli beach, located on the territory of the reserve of the same name. There is untouched nature with beautiful vegetation, some of which are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria.

In the park of the Ropotamo nature reserve there are such unique natural objects as the estuary of the Ropotamo river and the Arkutino swamp, in addition, dense forests grow here, in which various species of animals are found. Transport is not allowed in the park, you can only walk to the beach, leaving your car outside the reserve. It will take 20 minutes, and you will find yourself on a clean and beautiful beach, where you can swim in the warm gentle sea.



In general, Bulgaria has a choice of comfortable rest in upscale hotels and rest on a wild beach. The choice depends on the financial capabilities and desires of the tourist. Resting on a wild beach, you can get a boost of vivacity from unity with nature,

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