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Beautiful places in Austria

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Although Austria is small in size, there are many attractions that attract crowds of tourists from different countries. This extraordinary country with its alpine mountain peaks, lakes and forests once inspired the great composers: Mozart, Schubert, Brahms   and the world famous waltz genius Strauss. The Austrian state is distinguished by the fact that most villages have their own tourist office, in which each traveler will be provided with information about the most interesting sights of Austria, will be given a free map, help to buy tickets and find out about available places in hotels.



On the territory of Austria there are many historical architectural monuments in the form of monasteries, churches, castles and fortresses, palaces and city buildings, in addition, the country has enough natural attractions - reserves, gardens and national parks. Many tourists who love active holidays come to Austria to the famous ski resorts every year. The Tyrolean villages and lakes of Austria are also popular with tourists.

In order to get to know Austria in a short time, you can visit Vienna. It is the capital of Austria and one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe. In just a few days, you can plunge into the life of the Austrians, learn the history of the country and see beautiful natural landscapes. It is simply impossible to list all the sights of Vienna, can be called only worthy of special attention. Such attractions include the symbol of the city – St. Stephen's Cathedral, the patron saint of Vienna, was built 800 years ago. The cathedral surprises with the beauty of the facade and interior decoration. There are catacombs with burials of members of the Habsburg dynasty under the cathedral.

`` Heart of Vienna '' - Graben street, on it there is the Peitzoile column and the Peterskirche church. In the capital, it is worth seeing the statue of Pallas Athena, located in front of the parliament building, Josefplatz square with the Palace Chapel located on it, St. Ruprecht Church, Schonburn Palace, and, of course, visit the famous Vienna State Opera. While in Vienna, it is impossible not to visit its parks, which are unique, both in appearance and in purpose. In the Prater Park, you can sit in one of the excellent restaurants and ride the world's largest Ferris wheel, while the Augarten Park regularly hosts concerts and performances. The most beautiful place in Vienna – The Vienna Woods. This park is located near the Eastern Alps. Vienna Woods is a whole complex, on the territory of which there are hotels, restaurants and shops.

The province of Tyrol is one of the best mountain resorts in the world. The province of Austria owes this title in large part to Innsbruck, which has more than 200 km of excellent ski trails, both flat and mountain, as well as a snowboard park. In Innsbruck, you can have a great rest: in the daytime there are ski slopes for tourists, and in the evening – casinos, restaurants and bars. After skiing, you can explore the city's sights: the Hofburg Imperial Palace, the Arc de Triomphe, the Hofkire Church, the Ambras Castle Tower, the zoo, St. Anne's Column, the Tyrolean Art Museum, as well as the Ferdinandeum and Maximilianeum museums.



Interesting in the province of Tyrol visit other cities, for example, Wattens, where the Crystal Museum is located with the famous Swarovski crystals on display; and the unusual clock of Salvador Dali. Above the museum is the beautiful Crystal Head fountain. In the city of Schwarz, you can visit the Freundsberg castle, the silver mine, the Franciscan monastery. In Tyrol is the famous   The Europabrucke bridge, which has a height of 200 meters and is the highest in Europe.

Another province of Austria boasts a large number of beautiful places that cannot be overlooked is   Styria. It was glorified by medieval castles: Schloss-Egenburg (XVII century), Schlossberg (XI century), Herberstein (XIII century), etc. All castles were built in different eras and are the personification of history, they are distinguished from each other by the architectural style and interior of the rooms ... The fortress Riegersburg is especially worth noting. This impregnable fortress was built at the beginning of the 12th century on the top of a cliff. The fortress consists of several castles, the largest of them – Wildon. Inside the castle rooms they look according to their time, there is even a knight's hall, and in the basements of the castle there is the Witch Museum. The fortress's arsenal houses a collection of medieval weapons.

The most beautiful place in Austria is undoubtedly the Land of Lakes, which attracts not only tourists but also painters. This area has clean water and air, mild climate. 'Land of Lakes' ideal for relaxation and recreation, the serene surface of the lake has a calming effect on any person, here you can meet various animals, wander along the mountain paths, admiring the beautiful scenery.

Naturally, in Austria the number of beautiful places is not limited to those that were named. Any small town has its own sights, history and beautiful places, so it is worth traveling around Austria, visiting both larger and smaller cities.

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Topic: Beautiful places in Austria.Beautiful places in Austria

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