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Central Cemetery in Austria, Vienna spa

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The central cemetery, despite its name, is not located in the center of Vienna, but in the Simmering district. It was opened in 1874, its area is about 2.5 square kilometers. There are about 3 million graves here. This cemetery is considered one of the largest in Europe. Since the central cemetery is very large, it has its own road network. You can get to it by a specially plying bus or tram 71.

The creation of such a cemetery was due to the fact that in the 19th century the number of the city's inhabitants grew rapidly, therefore, the need for burial places grew. Since the small cemeteries were already overcrowded, it became necessary to create a new cemetery.

The cemetery consists of several confessional sections (Orthodox, Jewish, Buddhist and Islamic) and an inter-confessional section.

In general, the central cemetery looks more like a park riddled with alleys. Whole families come here to walk and see the numerous burials of famous personalities. Composers - Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss, Ludwig van Beethoven, Helmut Kwltinger, politicians - Bruno Kreisky, all Austrian presidents since 1951 are buried here.

On the territory of the cemetery there is a church in memory of Dr. Karl Luger , which is a treasure of the Art Nouveau style. It was consecrated in 1911.


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Topic: Central Cemetery in Austria, Vienna spa.Central Cemetery in Austria, Vienna spa

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