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Gesause National Park in Austria

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Gesoise National Park is located in Styria, along the picturesque Enns river valley. This park is the third largest park in Austria and covers an area of about 110 square kilometers.

Of all the national parks in Austria, Gesoise is the youngest (has national park status since 2002).

The relief of the area where the park is located is   quite mountainous. The highest point is Mount Khokhtor - 2369 meters. The park is inhabited by various rare animals, and the interesting natural landscape is complemented by unique plants (wild orchids, dark blue bells, Plumarius carnations, and so on). On the territory of the park, deciduous trees are more common (low-lying parts of the valley), less often - pines, fir, beech, cedar (high mountain areas). The local forests are home to rare species of owls and woodpeckers, peregrine falcons and others.

The most popular tourist destination is the Enns River Valley, which runs throughout the park. Rare species of trout and grayling live in the waters of the river. Among the animals here you can find marmots, deer, chamois, stone goats.

In addition to natural beauty, tourists are attracted by the historical sights located in the park. For example, the monastery of Admont. It was founded in the 11th century by the Salzburg archbishops. The main value of the monastery is a huge library, which houses books and manuscripts dating back to the medieval era. This library is recognized as the largest monastery book depository.  

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Topic: Gesause National Park in Austria.Gesause National Park in Austria

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