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Where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Thailand?

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Most vacationers in Egypt or Turkey are accustomed to the fact that food in these cities is all inclusive. But when going on vacation to Thailand, it is worth considering that there is no such system there. Basically, you will only be offered breakfast. Dinner is rare. This article will help those who are going to this country not to die of hunger. It's about where you can eat deliciously, and for less money.Image

The price range for food in Thailand is very large, and varies per dish, starting from 30 baht in a Thai establishment , and ending up to 2 thousand baht, for example in the restaurant"Mantra". You can always find food in your wallet.

The best restaurants in Pattaya:

· Mumaloi - Thai restaurant with delicious local cuisine, located next to the"Holywood" club. Lunch for two will cost an average of 500 rubles.

· Buffets Ninja - here you will have to cook your own seafood. There are two types of such buffets:

In the first case, you will be offered shrimp with squid for 139 baht, and in the other case, for 300 baht, large shrimps, fish and crabs. All of these buffets are located on the 3rd Road and next to BIG C, on Sukhumvit Rd.

For Thais, their local cafe is a regular fast food. It has everything from soups to salads. Budget for two - from 100 baht.

· Food park - usually located in large shopping centers. The range of food is simply huge. The prices are cheap, therefore, the food does not taste very good, but, as a last resort, you can have a snack. The average budget for two is 200 baht.

· Sizzler is also located in large shopping centers. Here you will be offered European cuisine, sausages, steaks and more. Unlike other establishments, buying a steak here, you will receive a salad bar as a gift, and their choice is simply huge. In addition to salads, there are soups, vegetables, fruits and some sweets. Available at CentralFestival, RoyalGardenPlaza, Carefure. The average budget for two is from 500 baht

· Hopf - here you will be offered delicious food, beer and live music. And all this at a reasonable cost.

· shabushi is also located in major shopping centers. Here is Japanese cuisine and buffet. The time limit is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Various drinks, ice cream and sushi are included in the price. The place is very unusual and funny. You can cook your own lunch by adding vegetables, meat and shrimp that travel around the tables. Located in the northern BIG C at the Central Center and at the Cetnreal Festival. The price is fixed - 295 baht per person.

· Senses is a favorite place for all sweet tooth. Only here you can taste unusual and delicious ice cream in the city. Prices from 50 baht and above. Expensive, but worth it.

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Topic: Where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Thailand?.Where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Thailand?

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