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Food prices in Pattaya. How much does it cost to eat in Pattaya

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Pattaya – one of the most popular resorts in Thailand, and one of the favorite vacation spots of our compatriots. Going on vacation here, many tourists expect affordable prices, pleasant service and unique flavor. But absolutely everyone, one way or another, is faced with the issue of food: where and what is better to eat in order to somehow save some money?

It is worth starting with the fact that most of the hotels in Pattaya operate on the B & B system (Bed & Breakfast) accommodation and breakfasts. Even if the travel agency will offer full board options – it is worth giving up – this is not the most affordable of the options, in most hotels only breakfast will be enough.

Breakfast at a hotel in Thailand is a buffet that works from 7 to 10 am. It is recommended not to skip breakfast, since the charge of vivacity and energy is good for health.

For breakfast you can eat whatever you want: rice, spaghetti, potatoes, stewed vegetables, sausages, chicken, all kinds of vegetables, scrambled eggs and omelets, fruits, breakfast cereals with milk, bread / rolls, tea / coffee, all in different variations with various accompanying products.



In other cases, you should pay attention to the system catering in Thailand, which is represented in Pattaya in all its diversity. These can be typical street eateries, national cafes and even serious restaurants with live music and designer interiors.

Generally speaking, food prices in Pattaya are significantly lower than in Bangkok, which could not but attract huge tourist flows, including from Russia. but each type of establishment where you can eat deliciously and inexpensively should be considered separately.

Important: For 2016, the average rate of the Thai baht is 2 Russian rubles. However, not all exchange offices and terminals of cafes and restaurants in Thailand are honest. To avoid unnecessary problems, you should always pay for food in cash.

Prices in cafes and restaurants in Pattaya

By far the most popular places to eat in Pattaya, among our tourists are street cafes and all kinds of eateries. As in the whole world, the prices here are the lowest, but you won't find any delicacies or expensive dishes here.

They cook in street cafes right in front of visitors, although you can often see ready-made dishes in glass trays. Sellers regularly ask what sauce or seasoning the buyer wants, for this you can just poke your finger into the bowl you like. You shouldn't ignore the question – most Thai sauces are either very hot or too spicy for a European person.

 Street cafes in Pattaya

Street cafes in Pattaya

Sausages with rice are served in street cafes, by the way, delicious and always – from natural meat. They cost from 10 to 15 baht per serving. Steamed corn on the street will cost from 20 baht. But the spring rolls loved by our tourists cannot be bought for less than 40 baht - and ndash; Demand raises prices.

Seafood in Pattaya's street cafes is grilled. Of course, there are no lobsters here, but several varieties of inexpensive fish can be found at an attractive price of 20 baht per serving.

The golden mean in terms of price and quality of food in Pattaya can be called numerous food courts at shopping and entertainment complexes. They work according to the same system as ours: tray + cashier. Food court prices are 10-20 baht higher than street ones, but the variety is impressive.

For example, here you can easily order pasta and meat for 50 baht, or soup with rice noodles for 30 baht. Cutlets, which are not much different from our semi-finished products, will cost from 120 baht per serving with mashed potatoes.

There are also Russian dishes in the food courts, included in the menu especially for our tourists, however, the price is for a plate of borscht at 150 baht and above, few people will please. Okroshka or any other European `` soup '' will cost about the same.

What can really please our tourists in the food courts of Pattaya – so these are the prices for kebabs. One bamboo skewer will cost from 15 baht for chicken meat and 40 baht for pork. By Russian standards, prices – more than modest.

Establishments with the status of a cafe, in Pattaya will have a thematic format and higher prices than on the street or in shopping centers. Cafes of Japanese and Indian cuisine are very popular here, although the national dishes of Thailand are in steady demand among tourists.

You can order Japanese soups or sushi in Pattaya cafes; one dish will cost around 200 baht, which is relatively inexpensive. Pork steaks – cheaper than 300 baht it is not easy to find them.

A very cheap option – fast food menu in a cafe. Average price of a hamburger with French fries and a glass of soda – 200-250 baht. But the quality of such food, as elsewhere, raises serious doubts even among inexperienced tourists.

Restaurants for Thailand in general and Pattaya in particular – this is a certain luxury, however, as elsewhere. Only here the difference in prices will be felt much stronger than in Russia, if only because the restaurants in the resort area were created for tourists, which means for the flow of money.

Of course, the dishes in restaurants are not quite ordinary – these are lobsters, specially prepared shrimps, and many other seafood. One dish costs at least 400 baht, moreover, this figure will always depend on the prestige of the establishment and the presence of a menu in English or even Russian.

 Lobster dish

Lobster dish

Which is very expensive in Pattaya restaurants – so it's alcohol. Wine lists can be called a privilege here, especially for export wines, whiskey and cognac. A bottle of red wine in a Pattaya restaurant will cost at least 1,000 baht, which is far from the limit. Some types of scotch tape can easily go up to 3000 baht.

Prices in shops and markets in Pattaya

In stores, the prices for alcohol in Pattaya are much lower. The beer here is usually sold in 0.33 liter aluminum cans, which cost from 30 baht for local brands. Export bottled beer – 2-3 times more expensive, depending on the brand.

Russian Stolichnaya vodka; in Pattaya is significantly more expensive than at home – a bottle of 200 ml is not cheaper than 200 baht. Red wine – the most expensive – even in the famous supermarket chain '7 Eleven' one bottle will cost at least 700 baht.

Seafood in supermarkets is most often sold either sliced or frozen. Average price per kilogram of fish – 300 baht, shrimp, squid and oysters – depending on the type. The meat is expensive, but again – depends on the type – marbled beef is cheaper It is not easy to find more than 700 baht.

But fruits in Pattaya are better to buy in the markets. Firstly, it is fresh, and secondly, prices are 30-40% lower than in a supermarket. Bananas, mangoes and pineapples can be sold in packages and at prices that are absolutely ridiculous for a Russian person - from 30 baht. That is, for 60 rubles you can buy a huge bunch of bananas.

 Market in Pattaya

Market in Pattaya

Durian is more expensive, they sell it already peeled and packed in a vacuum. It costs from 95 baht per serving. Coconuts and pitahaya can be bought both in kilograms and by the piece. Dragon fruit is very cheap – from 50 baht per kilogram, the price of coconuts is ridiculous at all – 20-30 baht.

Important: When buying fruits and vegetables in the markets, before eating it is necessary to remove the peel, rinsing thoroughly several times. Be that as it may, none of the tourists are immune from tropical infections.

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Topic: Food prices in Pattaya. How much does it cost to eat in Pattaya.Food prices in Pattaya. How much does it cost to eat in Pattaya

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