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Dangers of the Maldives

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Water activities in the Maldives

It is difficult to imagine a vacation in the Maldives without direct contact with water. But this kind of pastime is fraught with many dangers. This is especially true for tourists who are tempted by water sports. But it is enough to follow a couple of tips, and the danger will bypass you:

In order to avoid unwanted encounters under water, be sure to look around - this way you exclude the possibility of unexpectedly stumbling upon threatening marine life.

· The main rule under water is that you are a guest. And while visiting you can watch, but not touch. Remember this.

· Many corals have sharp edges so that curious divers don't have the habit of touching them. On the beaches, special footwear will help.

· Beware of sea urchins. If you accidentally step on such a creature, then you will hardly be able to get the needles out of your leg on your own - you will have to undergo surgical intervention.

· Avoid the jellyfish. Most of them burn on contact so badly that the burn can then bother for several weeks. This is not to mention the deaths.

Traces from the touch of a jellyfish

· Often, stingrays also cause trouble, who have a habit of lying on the seabed, disguised as cobblestones. Inattentive tourists step on them, get their portion of change with a spiky tail - little pleasant.

· Surprisingly, in the Maldives there were no cases of shark attacks on humans. Meeting with them, as well as with moray eels, is a great reason to take a picture.

But not only the water area of the Maldives is dangerous. On land, beware of coconut palms, which have a habit of throwing fruits at tourists passing under them.

Coconut tree

The hot sun is also worth mentioning. It is extremely hot and tropical on the territory of the islands. On the one hand, this is what attracts us in the Maldives. On the other hand, prolonged exposure to direct light without using sunscreen is a very rash act. For the same reasons, swimming in a tank top or light shirt may be justified. And in the first days of rest in the Maldives, it is better not to abuse sunbathing at all.

Heat burn

Diseases in the Maldives

There is also such a danger in the Maldives as infectious diseases. Despite the fact that the risk of contracting this or that infection is minimal for vacationers, it is better to arm yourself with knowledge. So, The Maldivian state is located in a zone of natural spread of diseases such as typhoid fever and yellow fever - vaccinations against these infections will not be superfluous before the trip. You should also take care of vaccinations against hepatitis A and B.

On the resort islands, mosquitoes are not given freedom - tourists are safe from fever or fever. But it is not possible to completely get rid of mosquitoes, so bites are possible. They should not be scratched, otherwise they can develop into a painful wound.

Violation of laws in the Maldives

An unfamiliar state and culture have laws that we would not even think about in our country. So, in the Maldives there is a danger of getting a fine of $ 1,000 for appropriating corals, shells, and sea stars as a souvenir. It is also forbidden to fish and hunt underwater near residential atolls. It is better to do this in specially designated areas.

Poisonous stone fish

The Maldives are carefully monitored for cleanliness. Untidiness is not in honor here, at the end of your stay at the hotel you may be asked to take away your garbage, collected in bags. If you don't keep the street clean, throwing bottles or candy wrappers around, you can run into a fine.

You should also stay away from “non-tourist islands”. To visit them, you need a special permit.

Some of the prohibitions are dictated by the religion of the country - this is Islam. You can't:

· Bringing alcohol and pork products into the country

· Getting naked on the beaches

· Appearing in places where Muslims live in obscene outfits and interacting with the fair sex, originally from the Maldives .


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