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Things not to do in Egypt

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Egypt is very popular with tourists from all over the world. However, despite the fact that much is done in this country for the comfort of guests, there are certain rules that must be followed in order not to get into an unpleasant situation.

In the first days, do not linger on the beach longer than three hours

This rule is quite commonplace, and it can be applied to almost any warm resort. In the first few days, you have not yet acclimatized, that is, have not adapted to the local conditions, and the hot Egyptian sun can simply burn your skin.


This is the rule that tourists most often break - and this spoil their rest. After the first day, completely spent on the beach, sunburns will not keep you waiting, and all further rest will be hopelessly ruined.

To make your vacation pleasant and your tan not red, but golden, increase the time spent under the sun gradually. On the first day, try to lie on the beach for only an hour, and then in the morning. At the beginning of your vacation, it is better to take time for the planned excursions - then by the end of the vacation you will have more time for tanning, and your skin will get used to the scorching Egyptian sun.

Do not drink too much alcohol

Many Russian tourists go to Egypt on all-inclusive tours, which often include a free tasting of local alcohol. Going to such tastings, it is worth remembering at least two things:

  • Firstly, at such tastings, especially if they are held in inexpensive hotels, they usually serve the cheapest alcohol, that is, drinks of very low quality. From such alcohol, both the head and the stomach can easily get sick, especially if you mix several different drinks;

  • Secondly, Egypt has a dry law. That is, of course, you can drink alcohol in hotels and on their territory, but you can't buy alcohol anywhere else in Egypt. Moreover, drinking alcohol on the street or even just being drunk is a reason for a fine and even for arrest.

Be careful with water

Egypt is a country where a variety of infectious diseases, including hepatitis, are very common. Usually tourists are not affected by these diseases, but for this you need to follow one important rule - in no case do not drink tap water. Tap water is much dirtier here than in Russia and poses a serious danger. This rule can be expanded - you cannot even wash fruits with such water. However, this does not mean that they do not need to be washed at all - just use bottled water for this.

By the way, it is worth remembering that in many Egyptian cafes and inexpensive restaurants ice is made just from tap water. Therefore, it is better to completely refuse to drink with ice.

Get on a camel near the pyramids

This advice sounds a little absurd, however, it is actually very important. Almost all tourists who come to Egypt go on an excursion to the famous Egyptian pyramids. And here, if you are not careful, you can easily get on quite a lot of money.

Next to the pyramids, there are always Egyptians who offer you to take pictures for free on a camel against the background of the pyramids. The offer sounds tempting, but Egyptians never do anything for free. You will indeed be put on a camel, and they will even take a photo for free, however, for descent from the camel, the"caring" Egyptian will begin to demand money, and quite a lot. And don't expect to be able to get off the camel on your own - it's not as easy as it might seem at first glance. So, against the background of the pyramids, it is better to be photographed on foot.

If you really want to sit or take a photo on a camel, then it is better to walk a little to the side, to the camps. Their employees arrange excursions in the desert and are usually quite accommodating - for a very reasonable price they will allow you to take pictures on a camel and even let you down.


Don't buy anything at the beginning of your holiday

Oddly enough, the prices of items in Egypt directly depend on your time of stay in the country, or rather, on your tanning. If you are not yet sunburned, or if you are sunburned after spending too much time in the sun, then with a probability of almost 100% you will buy a thing more expensive than more tanned tourists. And even your bargaining skills won't help.

Therefore, it is better to go shopping towards the end of the vacation, when you tan moderately. This is the only way you can really bargain.


Never do not drink tea with souvenir sellers

Many Egyptians selling souvenirs and who know a couple of phrases in Russian and a dozen in English invite tourists to “just” have tea with them in the shop. Such polite offers should be just as politely, but persistently refused.

The fact is that in the process of such tea drinking you will be shown all the goods in the store. The host's hospitality, his oratory skills and perseverance will do the trick - it will become uncomfortable for you to leave without a purchase, and you will leave the shop with a heap of completely unnecessary things sold at a"friendly" price.

Do not swim at night and do not touch anything in the sea

The sea is exactly what attracts tourists to Egypt. However, it can be both welcoming and very dangerous.

Swimming at night in the sea is a very romantic activity, but the Red Sea is not at all suitable for this. At night, nocturnal fish and sea animals appear in the water, almost always dangerous. So it is better to swim in the daylight.

However, the sea is fraught with dangers during the day. While swimming and diving here, you will see many beautiful marine life. It is worth remembering that they should never be touched! Almost all daytime inhabitants of the sea are not at all aggressive, however, they can be poisonous, and touching them will result in burns at best and dangerous poisoning at worst. So look from the outside.


Do not try to take away from are corals or fragments of architectural monuments

If you decide to bring home a purchased or broken coral, or even a piece of Egyptian pyramids, as a souvenir, then get ready for big trouble. These things are strictly prohibited for export from the territory of Egypt, and you will not only have to leave them, but also pay a very large fine. So, despite the beauty of corals, you will have to be content with their photos.

If you are a woman, then don't dress too revealingly

Remember that Egypt is still a Muslim country. Of course, tourists are very supportive here - no one requires foreign women to wrap themselves in a burqa. However, try not to walk the streets of the city with bare shoulders and knees, as well as too revealing neckline. You may not be condemned, but you will hardly be able to get rid of the annoying attention of Egyptian men. Also, do not sunbathe and swim topless.

For women, there is another tip - do not make eye contact with men and do not make eyes at them. The Egyptians perceive this not as harmless flirting, but as a direct indication of action. At best, you simply won't get rid of the annoying man, and at worst, you can get into very unpleasant circumstances.


Don't take pictures of people without their permission

Islam prohibits any images of a person including photographs. In the modern world, and especially in Egypt, many locals no longer take this so strictly, but still - before taking a picture of a person, be sure to ask him for permission. This is especially true of local women.

But the military in Egypt should not be photographed in any case, just like military installations.


Do not use foul language

Russians visit Egypt very often, so local traders have long since learned Russian mat. It is better not to try even through clenched teeth to strain an obscene word in relation to a bored Egyptian - here a serious fine is imposed for cursing, and the Egyptians are very touchy in this regard.

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Topic: Things not to do in Egypt.Things not to do in Egypt

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