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Dangers in Cyprus

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Cyprus, as a tourist destination, is distinguished by its versatility. Those who want to lie on the beach, and those who like to gaze at the sights, tourists with children, and connoisseurs of quality service, and so on, can spend their holidays here. The absence of special dangers speaks in favor of rest here, but a couple of nuances still need to be mentioned.


Due to increased solar activity it is not recommended to visit the beach during the daytime

The sun. The sun is a danger to any beach resort, and Cyprus in this sense is no exception. Frivolous sunbathing can do more harm than pleasure. Experienced tourists know that it is not worth visiting the beach from 11 am to 4 pm - at this time the sun is especially hot. Do not forget about all kinds of protective creams and other sunscreens. Also, sun damage can be reduced by using light-colored cotton clothing and headwear.

Image Smoking outside the designated areas is punishable by a fine

Dating. Not to say that this is downright danger, because Cypriots cannot be classified as rude rude. Nevertheless, an attractive lady in a revealing outfit can cause a lot of enthusiastic exclamations even during the day. You probably shouldn't be afraid of this, because there are very few cases of harassment in Cyprus. To minimize risk, you can simply exclude nightlife outside of your hotel.

Smoking. In Cyprus, this issue is very strictly controlled, and the abuse of cigarettes outside of specially designated areas can be fraught with a huge fine. You can be sure that you will have to bear responsibility for breaking the law.

Mosquitoes. Flying reptiles can pretty much spoil the impression of a holiday in Cyprus, therefore, it is better to take care of the means of protection against them in advance. Spray and fumigator at home will cost less than similar products in Cyprus.

Image Take care of mosquito repellent

Theft. Cyprus is not one of the world's criminal capitals, but basic precautions are still worth following. It happens that the tourists themselves steal from each other, even on the territory of the hotel you should be vigilant. It is better to leave documents and valuables in individual safes, which are available in almost any hotel in Cyprus. If you have lost something, you should immediately contact the police, after all, there is a high probability that the missing item was found and it will be returned to you.

Snakes and sea urchins. Among the dangers in Cyprus are local representatives of flora and fauna. You should swim in the sea carefully, especially in a standing position, because sea urchins like to fall apart at the bottom. Stepping on them, you are unlikely to doom yourself to death, however, you will definitely not get pleasure. Take sea baths only in specially designated areas and be careful. There are often special areas for children.
Image Sea urchin

Hike in the mountains, where a decent share of attractions is concentrated, carries the risk of stumbling upon snakes. They live in the mountains, so it is better to use closed shoes and follow the route of the excursion.

Laws. There are no special laws in Cyprus, different from the common European ones. You will be required, as in many other places, to exclude drunk driving, not to abuse alcohol in public places, and to brawl in the streets under degrees. Arguing with a law enforcement official is a bad idea and usually leads to nothing good. Remember that these are not Russian dpsniks, for a bribe you will almost certainly go to jail. Other guidelines include following signs and rules.

Overpayment. Many tourists prefer to travel around the resort by taxi, in which case you should check with the driver in advance to avoid unnecessary clarifications. Remember that there is a cheaper alternative in the form of public transport.


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Topic: Dangers in Cyprus.Dangers in Cyprus

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