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Shopping in the Maldives

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Shopping in the Maldives

The Maldives can hardly be called world the center of shopping - after all, the resort takes on a little different things. But if you wish you can find where to shop. Moreover, you may always need household goods, garments, and without souvenirs it is generally a crime to leave.

The first place of shopping on Maldives - Duty Free Zone at Hulhule Airport. There are such goods like local SIM cards, souvenirs, jewelry, electronics, cosmetics and toys. But the capital and, in fact, the only place for shopping in Maldives is the city of Male. If you ordered a group tour of Male, then You will be guided through the main shops of the island. But what is this bustle for when you can take your time to stroll around and find them yourself? It's better to do it closer to sunset, when it's no longer hot.

The bulk of foreign goods, whether it be electronics, clothing or food, are presented in numerous shops on the largest streets of the island. Once in the capital Maldives for shopping, in no case should Chandhani Maga be missed, or Singapore Bazaar.

Souvenirs are followed by go to the streets of Orchid Magu, Faridhi Magu and Famudheiri Magu. But far from all the souvenirs sold here are made in the Maldives, very large some of them are brought from Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Dubai.

Souvenirs from the Maldives

You should bypass before buying several stores, because the cost of the same product may be in Male vary significantly. As a rule, the shops included in the tour route are sell goods at inflated prices. Also beware of the influence of street barked.

As for the resorts of the Maldives, then on their shopping is often reduced to visiting shops on the territory of hotels. As a rule, they sell sunscreen, beachwear, bathing accessories and goods for outdoor activities.

The best souvenirs in the Maldives made by artisans, and sold strictly in specialized stores. You will not find such on the tourist islands, but they are often included in excursion programs. Among the most famous for buying souvenir products include Himafushi, Mafushi, Khuura, Rasdhu, Mahibadhu and Tageti.

If you are looking not just interesting goods, but also thrills, then you have a direct road to the Fish Market in Male. The assortment here is represented by fish and seafood. And nearby you can stock up on exotic fruits and vegetables at the Local Market.

Tourists mainly bring from Maldives all kinds of wood products, boxes or vases, boxes with floral designs, woven rugs, calligraphic paintings or scorched by tree images.

Male Fish Market

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Topic: Shopping in the Maldives.Shopping in the Maldives

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