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Dangers in Thailand

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Any vacation in an exotic country is not complete without exotic dangers for those who decide to go there for the first time. Thailand in this case – not an exception. This country, which is so popular with tourists from Russia, attracts the interest of various categories of travelers, and this interest is not always caused by excursions or natural resources.

The dangers of Thailand may be obvious, or may be hidden in the little things. Everyone needs to know them, but not in order to abandon tours to this magnificent tropical country, but in order to be aware of possible troubles and ways to solve them.

Natural hazards

Tourists who are vacationing in Thailand should refrain from such extreme activities as swimming in the sea during a storm, especially during the rainy season. Often in the sea, next to large beaches, flags are posted that indicate where it is completely safe to swim.

When resting near coral reefs, remember that they have very sharp edges, about which are easy to cut.

When traveling in the tropical jungle of Thailand, you should wear tight shoes that cover the entire foot - in these places there is a threat of attack by leeches or parasitic worms. Particularly careless tourists in the jungle have a chance to meet a wild boar or tiger, and this meeting can end very sadly.

In some places, wild monkeys behave quite aggressively – they attack a person who is holding a bright object, fruit, or just food. So there is something better only in cafes, and you should stay away from monkeys.


Wild monkeys


There are no direct serious threats of any kind in the country epidemics, but do not forget that in a tropical climate, due to humidity and heat, viral and infectious diseases easily develop, and cuts and bruises do not heal for a long time.

Before a trip to Thailand, it is worth to do vaccinations against tetanus, malaria and encephalitis, especially if you want to visit neighboring countries of Thailand. In any case, precautions will not be superfluous.

Food poisoning

Due to the tropical climate of Thailand, food is spoiled here at a tremendous rate. The water here should be drunk only from bottles, and you shouldn't eat dairy and other perishable products at all – they quickly become stale, while still not losing their normal taste for some time. You should also carefully drink drinks with ice – ice can be made from tap water, which is by no means worth drinking.

Fraud and theft

Even in a country where friendliness is the main feature of the population's mentality, you can meet people who profiting from violence and robbery. In large cities, there are a lot of people who alone commit criminal acts – There are not so many groups here. Sure, it is not worth much to fear for your safety, health and even life, but especially careless tourists have a chance to run into robbers or street fraudsters.

Thailand has a very high proportion of fraudsters who perform transactions with bank cards. Here it is better to use a credit card as little as possible, and if you lose it, you should immediately contact your bank and block the card.

In Thailand, in no case should you use or buy drugs – in the country, the death penalty is imposed for such an offense, and even the status of a tourist in this case may not help.

The most common fraudulent scheme in Thailand – this is cheating in a restaurant. There are times when the price in the menu does not coincide with the final price in the invoice. Large cafes and restaurants do not do this, but in small eateries, you should carefully monitor the numbers. If you were deceived – feel free to call the police.

Tourists can also be deceived in the market by selling a fake at a price `` just below '' the original. It's about jewelry and so on. Exit – just don't buy on the street.


Street bazaar in Thailand

The share of danger is often tied to certain places in Thailand – for example, the notorious Patpong Street in Bangkok. Almost 90% of all crimes in the capital of Thailand are committed in this 'red light district', so it is worth thinking three times before walking in such places.

With theft in Thailand, the situation is much better than in European countries – locals may simply be afraid of theft, which is why the theft rate in Thailand is low. However, you should not turn off vigilance, especially in large cities.

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