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Features of the Dead Sea

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The Dead Sea is a unique place on our planet. Its beneficial properties are so impressive that in the past magical properties were attributed to it, for example, such historical figures as Herod the Great, Cleopatra and Aristotle. In ancient times, the plants that grew in the Dead Sea region were used for medicines and cosmetic purposes.


Dead Sea

The air here is very clean, which has healing properties due to its special composition. In the area of the Dead Sea, many hotels and inns have been built, in which there are not only comfortable rooms, but also   SPA salons, restaurants and much more.

The unique feature of the Dead Sea is its Sun. The Dead Sea is located 400 meters below sea level and is the lowest point on earth. Because of this, a very thick air layer is formed over the sea, which acts as a kind of filter for vapors and minerals entering the air from the surface of the earth, at the same time, it reflects harmful ultraviolet radiation, and passes soft rays that are useful for humans. Therefore, for sun lovers, it is best to relax at the Dead Sea. Even after lying in the sun all day, you will not get burned. It is also impossible to drown in the sea, it simply pushes the body out due to its high density.

The water in the Dead Sea is unique, which can hardly be called water. It contains all the chemical elements of the periodic table. Therefore, a person, getting into it, receives a huge amount of nutrients that have a beneficial effect on his health. Minerals in large quantities come from hot springs that flow into the sea. There are twenty-one minerals in water, mud and salt, of which twelve are unique. They help to smooth human skin and reduce metabolic disorders. A lot of sources come from sulfur, which is used for sulfur baths. Such baths improve blood circulation and help oxygen to penetrate more actively into the human body.

The therapeutic mud of the Dead Sea has a stronger concentration and effect in comparison with other resorts in the world. They have a positive effect on the human body, having an anti-inflammatory effect and stabilizing the production of hormones. The Dead Sea mud is produced by the only bacteria on earth that are present only in this climate, so it is unique. At the same time, the healing properties of mud show their properties better in the place where they are produced, because the body in the complex is affected by the peculiarities of the local climate and the substances present here.


Healing mud

Since the atmosphere of the Dead Sea has a minimum content of allergens and a high oxygen content, then it can act as a natural inhaler. Combined with water and mud, this can cure many diseases. For example, skin pathologies: various eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, etc. In addition, here they successfully treat diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system, neuroses and fatigue. This is true for residents of modern metropolitan areas, who mainly lead a sedentary lifestyle. Often people come to the resorts for health improvement with the whole family.

The herbs growing in this area have unique medicinal properties. Back in the days of Cleopatra, they were used as ingredients in the manufacture of cosmetics. This is especially true of balsamic wood. Nowadays, many cosmetics are created on the basis of minerals that are contained in these places. This eco-friendly product does not contain allergens and is suitable for the most sensitive skin.  

The Dead Sea lives up to its name, as it does not contain living things. It is worth swimming in the sea with caution and only   in places where you can rinse with fresh water. If seawater gets in your eyes, rinse immediately.Image

Dead sea

The peculiarity of the climate, expressed in constant high temperature and low humidity, the purest air, specific ultraviolet radiation, therapeutic mud and springs create all conditions for a comprehensive health improvement.

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Topic: Features of the Dead Sea.Features of the Dead Sea

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