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15 travel myths

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Tourist trips abroad are popular among many people, so it is not surprising that tourism is overgrown with various myths and legends. We will try to dispel some of them.

Myth 1. Travel – it is very expensive

Many people are afraid to travel because they fear high travel prices. But in reality, air tickets are usually the most expensive. If you live in inexpensive hotels or hostels in general, and eat in local cafes, and not in restaurants for tourists, you can seriously save money and, as a result, spend a quite acceptable amount, even taking into account excursions and souvenirs.

Myth 2. If you do not turn off the phone on board the plane, then a plane crash will happen

Because of this, many people are afraid to fly – suddenly someone doesn't turn off their phone and the plane crashes. But in fact, this ban was introduced a long time ago, when nothing was really known about the principles of mobile phone waves and their effect on aircraft equipment. The ban has not been lifted, although so far not a single case of a plane crash has been recorded due to the switched on mobile phone. In addition, a study was conducted back in 2006, and no evidence was found that the phone could cause aircraft equipment malfunctions. So don't be afraid.

 Using your phone on an airplane


Myth 3. It's cheaper to travel by train than by plane

It is really cheaper to travel by train in the CIS countries, but in Asia and Europe there are various low-cost companies that provide very cheap air tickets by minimizing on-board amenities, resulting in a ticket that can cost half as much as a train ticket, especially when it comes to traveling between neighboring countries.

Myth 4 It is more profitable to exchange money at home

In fact, when exchanging money in Russia, you run the risk of running into a low rate and commission. It would be best to buy currency through a card or a special bank account. which do not take commissions for use abroad. In addition, often abroad in banks, you can find much more favorable rates than at home – unless, of course, you are trying to change money at the airport or hotel.

Myth 5. It is better to ask the locals about everything

Local people are often very busy people. They can explain to you how to get somewhere, but they are unlikely to talk about local attractions and give you an excursion into the history of the city. In addition, often they themselves do not know where the best restaurants are or how to get to a rare museum – simply because they are not interested in it. So fellow travelers or professional guides will be much better helpers here.

Myth 6. All souvenirs that you buy on your trips are local

This is far from the case, unless of course you are traveling in China. The Eiffel Tower statuette bought in France was most likely made in some Chinese factory, and this applies to most souvenirs. Even 'authentic' items often have little to do with local craftsmen and culture. It is better to look for interesting souvenirs not in tourist shops, but in small shops where locals themselves come.

Eiffel Tower key rings


Myth 7. Abroad you will definitely be robbed

Of course, pickpockets are everywhere, but in general the popular tourist destinations are quite safe. There is a chance that you will be robbed in the London Underground, but it is no less than in Moscow or St. Petersburg. So you should be careful and careful, but you shouldn't be afraid of panic. There is also a small `` life hack '' - guys in Europe or the USA can wear a T-shirt with the image of a wolf – such people are considered cocky, and even pickpockets do not like to get involved with them.

Myth 8. To get a better rest, you need to get off the hiking trails

Of course, outside the popular hiking trails there are little-known attractions. interesting and picturesque places, and just the atmosphere of a new country, and if you have free time and energy, you need to try to find them. But if your vacation is limited and you are in the country for the first time, why not take some of the popular routes? See the Acropolis in Athens, visit the Great Wall of China – these are all unforgettable experiences that you shouldn't give up. And it will be possible to get off the tourist trails and then – the second or third time, if you decide to return.

Myth 9. English is spoken everywhere

According to statistics, only 1.5 billion people speak English in one way or another ... This means that at least 5.5 billion more do not speak English. This is especially true for Asian countries – for example, in China, almost no one knows English well. However, even in Europe there is a high probability of stumbling upon a person who speaks only his native language. There is also a chance that your English will simply be misunderstood, for example, because of your accent.

Don't be upset – As the experience of many travelers shows, often a smile, gesture and a couple of words in the local language are enough to explain yourself and find out what you need.

Myth 10. Traveling alone is boring

Many in no case go on a journey alone. They are looking for fellow travelers, traveling with friends and family – all in order not to `` get bored ''. Although in reality it is simply impossible to get bored while traveling in a new country! In any case, a lot of emotions and impressions will await you, and if you are traveling alone, then you can do everything at your own pace, without looking back at anyone. So if the fellow travelers are not found in any way, then you can try to fly alone – positive emotions and absence of boredom are guaranteed to you!

Myth 11. Travel must be planned very carefully

There are certainly people who find it much easier to stick to the plan. However, if you want to go for a week to the sea or to some European country, then many tourists advise you to `` let it go ''. Book a hotel, buy tickets, and when you arrive – decide where you want to go and what to do. Perhaps, on the very first day of excursions, you will get so tired that you decide to spend the remaining time on the beach or in a sanatorium, just relaxing. After all, this is your vacation, and only you can decide how to spend your time. So don't be afraid to be spontaneous or deviate from strict plans.

Myth 12. You can't eat food that is sold on the streets

Buying food on the street – this is a great way to save money and time. The main thing – rely on your nose and tongue and you are unlikely to eat anything stale. In addition, food is often prepared in front of your eyes on the street, so you always know what the food you ate is made of. Well, in the end, the locals eat here – why don't you give it a try?

Street Food in Thailand

Myth 13. Making a visa is very difficult, so it is better to travel to countries with an open border

There is nothing so much about making a visa difficult to deny yourself the pleasure of visiting, for example, Europe. And if you are too lazy to collect documents, then you can contact an agency where they will do almost everything for you.

Myth 14. Last-minute flights are much more profitable

In fact, practice shows that airlines often overcharge flights just before departure to cash in on those who did not have time to buy a ticket on time. It is much more profitable to buy air tickets in advance, especially if you plan to fly on a plane of a large company.

Myth 15. There is nowhere to go in Russia

For years, Russian citizens flew abroad at the earliest opportunity in order to -really. But now, due to the financial and political situation in the world, rest in our homeland is becoming more and more relevant. Do not forget that we have excellent ski resorts, beaches in Sochi or Crimea, wonderful sanatoriums, boarding houses, tourist centers and much more. And the sights in many cities are no worse than foreign ones. Do you want to look at European streets and interesting sights? Why not visit St. Petersburg or Kaliningrad. Want to go to an amusement park? There are good ones in Sochi or St. Petersburg. Do you like looking at animals? Moscow or Novosibirsk zoos are at your service. Do you like skiing? Why not go to Altai or the Caucasus. As you can see, Russia offers tourists any kind of entertainment – you just have to look carefully.
Do you like looking at animals? Moscow or Novosibirsk zoos are at your service. Do you like skiing? Why not go to Altai or the Caucasus. As you can see, Russia offers tourists any kind of entertainment – you just have to look carefully.
Do you like looking at animals? Moscow or Novosibirsk zoos are at your service. Do you like skiing? Why not go to Altai or the Caucasus. As you can see, Russia offers tourists any kind of entertainment – you just have to look carefully.

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