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Things to do in Germany

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Germany is a country with one of the most developed economies in the world, the owner of centuries-old cultural traditions, unique architectural style and the venue for the most noisy European festivals. You can visit this country at any time of the year - fortunately, the number of opportunities for various tourism is very large here. What you can do in Germany in a relatively short vacation is better to know in advance.

Visit the Reichstag

And even though it is now called Bundestag, but the symbol of victory in the Great Patriotic War is visited by Russian tourists every year. Today a huge dome can be seen over the Bundestag, from the observation deck which overlooks the city. The inscriptions of the Soviet soldiers who stormed Berlin are partially preserved here - the Germans left them as a tribute to the memory of those who died in World War II. So far, the entrance to the Bundestag is free, but you need to book in advance for the excursion.


Take a picture of Neuschwanstein

Legendary Neuschwanstein Castle, which became the prototype of the Sleeping Beauty castle from the animation studio Walt Disney, can now be called one of the unofficial symbols of the whole of Germany and its unique architectural heritage. It was built at the end of the 19th century and until the end of World War II played an important strategic role in the life of Germany. Now the castle is a UNESCO site and a museum complex. You can get to the central gate of Neuschwanstein by bus, car, or horse-drawn carriage.

Drink a beer at Oktoberfest

Munich beer festival Oktoberfest, which, contrary to its name, starts in September, is one of the main festive events of the year. The beer, measured in thousands of liters here, is drunk in the city's main squares, pubs and other celebrating points. Usually, Oktoberfest is not complete without theatrical performances and even full-fledged musical concerts, but in the first place, nevertheless, tasting the national foamy drink of the Germans.


Go to one of the rock festivals

Germany has been among the leaders in the number and scale of summer rock festivals of various levels and themes for two decades. The largest musical events are Rock am Ring and Waken Open Air". The latest festival, where only famous bands from all over the world perform, is one of the main sources of replenishing the city budget of the small town of Wacken, located in northern Germany. In addition, German lands host about 30 festivals during the warmer months, the festival season usually closes in September.

Explore Berlin from the TV Tower

The Berlin TV Tower at Alexanderplatz is the tallest building in the country. The height with the spire is 203 meters, and from the observation deck at the very top, a view of almost all quarters of the German capital opens up. Modern high-speed elevators take guests upstairs. Just above the observation deck is a revolving restaurant, almost the same as in the Ostankino TV tower. You will have to walk up the stairs to reach the restaurant.


See pieces of the Berlin Wall

Another notorious symbol of the German capital, the Berlin Wall, is a thing of the past. but fragments of this border between the FRG and the GDR still remain in the city as a reminder. Some areas, richly painted with graffiti, still attract thousands of tourists who want to capture memorable places. A number of sections where the wall used to be are now adorned with memorial sculptures of abstract figures, one way or another, symbolizing lack of freedom.

Visit the Munich Pinakothek

For tourists, the main points of excursions in Munich are not complete without visiting the art galleries: Old and New Pinakothek. These two museums are real treasures that store the masterpieces of European masters of painting and graphics, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. In 2002, a third gallery, the Pinakothek of Modernity, appeared in Munich, where canvases by masters of the second half of the 20th century and currently living artists from Germany and around the world are exhibited.

Plunge into the springs of Baden-Baden

Famous health resorts and hot springs Baden-Baden made this small town in southwestern Germany famous back in the days of the Roman Empire. Remains of ancient thermal baths have survived here to this day, but absolute fame came to this resort only by the end of the 19th century. By that time, many representatives of the creative intelligentsia of pre-revolutionary Russia and other famous personalities had managed to improve their health in local sanatoriums. The local gambling zone also brought fame to the resort.


Buy souvenirs at the Christmas Market

The Christmas Market is the traditional format of fairs throughout Europe, held on the eve of Catholic Christmas. In Germany, this bustling holiday of sales is held with special charm. Most often, historical streets of cities are chosen for the fairgrounds, where, surrounded by garlands and evening illumination, a festive atmosphere is created.

Admire the half-timbered houses

World-famous half-timbered houses - a unique German style of gabled houses with snow-white walls and longitudinal-transverse beams. These houses adorn every city in Germany, but it is best to admire them in the provinces, where examples of architecture from different eras are perfectly preserved. Some half-timbered houses have been converted by their enterprising owners into hotels and tourist restaurants.


Go to any auto museum

The German car industry, recognized by many as the best in the world, is a matter of national pride in all states of Germany. The unique exhibitions of the Museum BMW in Munich will allow you to get acquainted with unique models, prototypes and historical models of transport that you will no longer see on modern roads. Similar exhibits can be seen in concern museums Porsche and Mercedes - Benz located in Stuttgart. The pride of the collections of these museums are the models that were once ridden by world celebrities.

Appreciate German cuisine

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