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Where to relax in the USA?

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United States The Americas open up an unprecedented scope for travelers: almost every piece of this country can be considered as a curious tourist attraction. Where, then, to rest in the USA? Of course, such names as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington, Grand Canyon, etc. immediately come to mind. In our article, we will try to cover places less known among the general public, but no less interesting from this.

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Yosemite National park in California

The natural wealth of the United States is inexhaustible. This can be verified once again by going to Yosemite National Park, which is located in the districts of Mariposa and Tuolomni. There is everything here for lovers of beautiful nature: rocks, waterfalls, rivers, Sequoiadendron groves. Connoisseurs of the flora will appreciate all five zones of the park's vegetation: dense thickets of bushes and oaks, lower mountain forest, upper mountain forest, subalpine and alpine belts. Here you will find hundreds of species of truly rare plants.

Image Yosemite National Park

Historic Boston

Boston is unlikely to come to mind when planning your trip to the USA, most likely you have heard about this city, but did not meet it as often in all sorts of works as, for example , New York. However, this city is one of the oldest and most developed in the States. It will delight guests with the richest cultural heritage, there are dozens of interesting museums and historical sights.

Image Boston

California Central Coast

The sunny landscapes of California's central coastline, which stretches from Los Angeles to San Francisco, are hard to resist. Traveling along it will bring a bunch of small surprises. For example, in the town of Santa Barbara, bicentennial barracks, monasteries, museums and an extraordinary view of the bay have been preserved. Pfeiffer Big Sur National Park has a waterfall that is 18 meters high. The tourist infrastructure of the region is quite developed, there is no shortage of hotels, but you will not find crowds of tourists here, it is likely that that you can be alone with the Pacific Ocean.

Image Pfeiffer Big Sur National Park

Coast Jersey

The state of New Jersey is famous for its golden coast. The coast here stretches from Sandy Hook to Cape May. This is a resort area, which means everything that tourists are used to is here in the field: hotels, shops, entertainment. Of particular interest is the city of Cape May, its Victorian architecture will delight the eyes of aesthetes, and its golden beaches – more down to earth tourists. The sun rises and falls above the water here. Gambling tourists can make their way through Atlantic City – the city is famous for its casinos.

Image Cape May

Cumberland Island

If you are looking for less-traveled beach resorts, you can stay on Cumberland Island. This is not a well-known place in the United States, where you can be alone with the wild nature, without denying yourself the convenience (hotel and restaurant on site). Deserted beaches, dunes, winds, wild horses and turkeys, tiny crabs and colorful butterflies await you.

Image Wild horse on Cumberland Island

Sun Valley in Idaho

Will not deprive the United States of attention and fans mountain slopes. Sun Valley has ski slopes that will be appreciated even by skiers who have seen world-renowned alpine resorts.


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Topic: Where to relax in the USA?.Where to relax in the USA?

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