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Utah USA Resort Information

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For ski enthusiasts, Utah has great Snowbird Trem ski areas.

Canyons Resort is the only resort in Utah that offers unlimited access to all ski facilities. The ski season lasts from November to April.

On the territory there is 1 ground lift, 2 double chair lifts, 1 high-speed chair lift for 6 and 8 people, 5 fixed chair lifts   for four people, 2 student lifts, 2 triple chair lifts, 1 Cabriolet lift for eight passengers and 6 high-speed lifts for four.

There are 182 well-equipped slopes, 5 slopes, 1 park for amateurs snowboarding and 6 natural half pipes.

Sedi slopes 10% are reserved for beginner skiers, 44% - for intermediate skiers and 46% - for professional skiers.

The total ski area is 16 square kilometers, the height of the mountain peak reaches 3045 meters, the height of the base area - 2073 meters, and the vertical drop is 972 meters.


The main attraction is Salt Lake, after which the state capital is named. It is located near Salt Lake City and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the center of the state's main city lies the attractive Salt Lake Temple, built in the 19th century. This iconic landmark is recognized by the locals as one of the most significant relics in the world. Also of interest is the interesting Museum of Church History, where a huge number of historical documents, works of art and artifacts have been preserved on the history of the Mormon movement.

Utah is one of the most religious states in America: 60% of the local population are Mormons, members of the Church Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And it is this that has an important impact on the culture of the state and the daily life of its inhabitants. Thus, Utah became the 45th US state only after the Mormons legally abandoned the practice of polygamous marriage.

A visit to Springdale and the nearby Zion National Park will leave travelers with unprecedented impressions. Here you will see deep canyons, stunning waterfalls, spectacular rocky cliffs and even dense forests.

Two more national parks - Arches and Canyonlands - are located near the city of Moab. Compared to Canyonlands Park, even the famous Grand Canyon will seem quite ordinary. And Arches Park is famous for its unusual reddish rocky landscape that forms special forms. This is a natural gallery of magic created by nature itself.

Also, one cannot fail to mention the Bryce Canyon National Park, which is a gorgeous horseshoe-shaped amphitheater of natural origin, the formation of which lasted for many millennia. This place looks especially impressive in winter - covered with a snow-white cover, it creates the feeling of falling into a fairy tale and the birth of a miracle.

Those who are fond of US history simply need to visit the mountainous regions of Walesville. Several major historical museums are located here, as well as a real historical farm. It is a huge 130 hectare open-air museum.

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