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Paklenica National Park in Croatia

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Paklenica National Park was founded in 1949. It is located in the southern region of the Velebit mountain range. The park covers an area of 96 square kilometers.

The sights of Paklenica park are the canyons of the Malaya and Velyka Paklenica rivers, mountain caves, which were artificially enlarged and fortified as a place of shelter in the 50s of the XX century members of the government in case of war, the picturesque and steep cliffs of Anica Kuk, as well as the mountain peaks - Sveto Brdo and Vaganski vrh.

Paklenica Park differs from other Croatian nature reserves in that it is its mountainous and rocky terrain is not very suitable for families with children, as walks in these places will make tourists sweat. The park is of interest for rock climbers and active tourists. Mountain climbers are especially attracted by Anich Kuk Mountain, which reaches 712 meters in height.

For lovers of excursions and simple walks, there is an opportunity to admire the Manita Pech Cave. In the upper regions of the canyons, the forest is preserved in its original form. Paklenica National Park is also unique in that it has several climatic zones (Mediterranean, highland, alpine zones).

Walking along the convenient paths, you can meet various inhabitants of the animal world, from rare butterflies to birds of the family of predators. The park's landscapes resemble those of the American Wild West.  

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Topic: Paklenica National Park in Croatia.Paklenica National Park in Croatia

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