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Dangers in Indonesia

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Indonesia cannot be called a safe country, this applies to both natural phenomena (volcanoes, earthquakes) and the political situation in the country. In general, staying here is not dangerous for tourists, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has included Indonesia in the list of countries that are not recommended to visit. This was caused by clashes between Muslims and Christians.



The crime rate in Indonesia is not high, but it is more about serious crimes. Pickpocketing and bag theft is quite common here, so it is worth adhering to some rules. Do not carry valuables, large sums of money, documents with you. Leaving them in the hotel room is also not worth it, it is better to deposit them in the hotel safe. It is better to change money in banks to avoid fraud. It is necessary to avoid places with a large crowd of people, especially you need to be vigilant in public transport. You should not wander alone along the night streets. If you need to take a taxi, it is better to use a hotel taxi or call by phone. You should not invite unfamiliar people to your room and especially drink alcoholic drinks with them, because there are times when sleeping pills are mixed into the drink and robbed.

As for health, you also need to be careful here. Before the trip, it is recommended to get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, malaria, yellow fever, tetanus. You cannot drink tap water, drinks on tap, you should only use bottled water. Don't eat street food. In cafes and restaurants, food goes through all the necessary checks, unlike food on the streets, so it is safe to eat in them. Indonesia is very hot and humid, so you have to change clothes up to three times a day, this must be foreseen. Be sure to wear a headdress and dark glasses. When swimming in the sea with coral reefs, you must wear rubber slippers, otherwise you can cut your feet and get an infection. Medical care is at the required level only in tourist areas, for health problems you can call a doctor, but his services are expensive.

There are general rules that must be followed in Indonesia. In this country, the head of a person is sacred, so you cannot touch anyone's head. You can only go shirtless and in a swimsuit on the beach. To visit the temple, women need to cover their heads and there should be no open places on the whole body. You can't show your feelings on the street in the form of hugs and kisses. It is fashionable to serve and accept things only with the right hand.

In Indonesia, there is a high death rate on the roads, since road rules, although they exist, are not followed. If you rent a car, it is better to take it with a driver. To avoid problems with the police, you need to know some of the laws of Indonesia. You cannot transport and distribute drugs, for this the death penalty is provided, for foreigners the measure can be reduced to 20 years in prison. You cannot stay in the country longer than the period indicated in the passport. You can only stay in hotels and boarding houses, the owners of which must register their visitors with the police.

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Topic: Dangers in Indonesia.Dangers in Indonesia

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