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Street food in Vietnam or what to eat in Vietnam

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In Vietnam it is very difficult to stay hungry, because among the large number of cafes, and restaurants, everyone can choose food to their liking. On average one menu the institution has up to 15 pages of various dishes and drinks.Image
Pho soup

At cost comes out, too, not expensive. The average cost in an inexpensive diner is about one person from 70 to 75 thousand Vietnamese dong. If you transfer this money on our rubles, you get from 100 to 107 Russian rubles. If you decide have a good lunch or dinner together in a mid-range restaurant, then your the bill will be from 300 to 350 thousand dongs or from 425 to 500 rubles.

In the street a plate of pho soup costs from 10 to 15 thousand dongs. For the same most food, but already in the restaurant you will pay from 50 to 70 thousand dongs. Dishes from meat costs 70 thousand dongs here

· Pork steak from 100 to 120 thousand dongs

Salads - 40 thousand dongs

desserts from 25 to 30 thousand dongs

Combined lunch at McDonald's will cost almost 70 thousand dongs or 100 rubles.Image
Noodle dish at a street cafe

Vietnamese cuisine and traditional meals

In Vietnam the cuisine is different depending on the region. In the northern part of the country, food is eaten less acute. In the southern part, the opposite is true.

Most Vietnamese dishes are seasoned with “nyok mam” - fish sauce with aroma and taste anchovies. In some cases, lime juice, sugar, water and spices are added to the sauce. and is served with most dishes. No dish is complete without vegetables, coriander, cilantro, mint and basil.

Traditional Vietnamese pho soup. Its base is beef or chicken broth with adding rice noodles. Before serving, greens, pieces of lime, chili and sweet soy sauce.

In Vietnam in addition to traditional national dishes, you can try exotic things: frogs, snakes, turtles, crocodiles, tree worms, monkey brains, bats, dogs and even an armadillo baked in shell.Image

Street merchants constantly, regardless of the season, offer their customers oranges, tangerines, pineapples, bananas, breadfruit, dragon's eye, letchi, lucuma, papaya and chrysophyllum.

Drinks in Vietnam

The most the available drink in all street eateries is local draft beer. It very light and contains only 3% alcohol. Bottled beer Tiger is popular.

Among soft drinks worth mentioning coffee and green tea

Tipping in Vietnam

service in upscale restaurants is often included in the bill. If in your restaurant does not have this, then the tip should be from 5 to 10% of the cost of the account. It is also customary to tip guides - no more than $ 10, massage therapists - from 2 to 3 dollars and porters in hotels - 1 dollar.

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Topic: Street food in Vietnam or what to eat in Vietnam.Street food in Vietnam or what to eat in Vietnam

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