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Dangers in China

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Chinese taxi

Despite the fact that China is an Asian country, it is quite safe for tourists. The local police are always happy to help tourists, and there are not so many natural hazards here, which makes the rest in China comfortable. However, you should be aware of the dangers that can lie in wait for tourists in order to skillfully avoid them.


Problems can be encountered already during check-in at a hotel – it is easy to find yourself in a room that does not match the number of stars you ordered. And if you ask to be moved to a better room, the administration can easily demand a surcharge. To avoid this, you should book rooms only with trusted companies, and also carefully read the terms of the contract.

Food and groceries

It is better not to buy food in small shops and markets – they often do not meet quality standards. Also, do not forget that vegetables and fruits must be thoroughly washed before eating.

Chinese restaurants serve Asian cuisine, which is distinguished by its variety and good taste. However, you should be careful when eating unfamiliar dishes – your well-being can suddenly deteriorate. It is also best not to eat foods that smell and look strange. Eating small, cheap eateries is also quite dangerous.


Dish of Chinese cuisine


Drivers in China often try to deceive tourists by attributing to them a car breakdown – they glue the doorknob on with glue or tape so that with a light touch it remains in the client's hand. Then the passenger is obliged to pay for the `` breakdown. '' In this case, it is better to immediately contact the police – most likely, you are recognized as right.

Another popular way to deceive tourists is – these are unofficial taxis. They are painted in similar colors, and often even have a meter, but travel in such taxis is prohibitively expensive. Before leaving the hotel, it is better to find out the official taxi numbers there so as not to overpay.


In large Chinese cities, traffic rules are observed quite strictly, but in the provinces you can see real chaos on the roads. China's favorite bicycles and scooters are also causing confusion. By the way, scooter drivers often do not give way, so you need to be more careful with them.

Counterfeit money

In China, tourists often try to slip counterfeit money – this type of fraud is quite common. This is usually found in markets or at street vendors – such violations do not happen in large stores. It is better to carefully familiarize yourself with the appearance of local money, and when shopping, you should carefully examine the bills, checking for watermarks. If you have the slightest doubt about the authenticity of the bill, then you need to ask to replace it or refuse to buy it altogether.

Casual acquaintances

You should not be too trusting of casual acquaintances or people who seek to provide you with help that you do not even have asked. In no case should you give new acquaintances your bank card, documents, money or any personal data.

Diseases in China

No special requirements are required before traveling to China vaccinations, however in some regions there is a risk of contracting an infectious disease.

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