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Laws of Indonesia

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Going to rest in another country, you must always navigate at least a little in the laws of this country. Find out the minimum of legal knowledge that concerns tourists, so that you can correctly navigate in any environment.



Indonesia   - an exotic country with a lot of unique traditions and customs. Foreigners, of course, can not adhere to all the rules established in the country, but you need to know how to behave correctly. The laws of Indonesia are not much different from the laws of the surrounding countries, but they were greatly influenced by religion, and here 80% of the population is Muslim.  

as well as the purchase is prohibited;

- stay in the country is limited to the time indicated in the passport, these deadlines cannot be violated. If it is necessary to extend, for example, illness, a doctor's certificate is provided, and everything is decided through the diplomatic services;

- you can live in the country only in hotels, boarding houses that have the appropriate state licenses. Their owners must register their clients at the police station;

- no smoking in public places.

In terms of hygiene, certain rules must also be followed:

- before leaving it is worth getting vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, malaria, diphtheria, yellow fever and tetanus;

- drink water only from bottles;

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Topic: Laws of Indonesia.Laws of Indonesia

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