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Fishing in Indonesia

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Indonesia big an island country with the fourth largest population in the world. The largest islands in Indonesia are Java, Sumatra and Bali. Saltwater fishing is more popular in Indonesia than freshwater fishing, as Indonesian rivers are very muddy. True, fishing is possible on artificial reservoirs, where there is an opportunity to become the owner of trophies of carp fish species. If you're lucky, you can catch a rather large catfish.
Fishing in Indonesia is possible all year round, but the best time to fish is before or after the rainy season. The rainy season lasts from November to March. For sea fishing, you need to rent a boat. You can find a boat almost anywhere along the coast. There are a lot of fiberglass boats with outboard motors, called longboats. Local fishermen will show you good fishing spots, and tell you who and what to catch. The Indian Ocean is home to a huge variety of fish. It is interesting to fish for the herring king. On average, this huge fish is 3-5 meters long, but it can reach 9 meters in length. The fish is named so because of the bright pattern on the head, which resembles a crown. Small herring is usually used as bait. This fish is caught for pleasure, as it is not eaten. The language barrier causes big problems in communication, since the local population does not even know English, therefore, you should definitely use the services of a guide.
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One of the most explored and accessible islands, both for recreation and for fishing is the island of Java. Any fishing community will provide the necessary fishing equipment, boat and guide for an affordable fee. Fishing is especially interesting on the Ujung Kulon Peninsula, which is located in the western part of Java. There you can fish on beautiful unique reefs. Near the coast, you can fish for blue, black and striped marlin, as well as yellowfin tuna. These giants are caught with the help of sea trolling, using surface lures. Mackerel and mackerel are more often caught on them, fishing with live bait is also used. An octopus or a large wobbler acts as a bait for marlin.
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Attractive Another popular island for fishing is Bali, in addition, it is the tourist center of Indonesia. Diving and sea fishing are very popular on the island. It is not difficult to find a boat and fishing tackle on the coast, as well as an experienced guide who is well versed in the local coastal waters. Mahi-mahi fish, giant horse mackerel, tuna and many other types of sea fish are caught in Bali. They fish here, using as live bait, and artificial. Tuna is caught by trolling and casting. Your catch can be prepared for a small fee in any cafe or restaurant on the shore. If you are fishing on a yacht, the captain will give you the opportunity to taste your caught fish for lunch.
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On Sumatra there is a great place for freshwater fishing - this is Lake Toba. There is very beautiful nature around the lake, and catfish and carp are found in its waters. Naturally, the island has the opportunity to fish in the coastal waters, there are such places in the north and west of the island. True, a boat is needed for fishing. You can catch a sailboat, wahoo, marlin, mackerel. Barramundi, salmon, mackerel are caught in the unique mangroves in the eastern part of Sumatra. It is better to come here for fishing in November, April or May.
The island of Borneo belongs to three states at once: Indonesia, Malaysia and Burney. Fishing in the coastal waters of Borneo is carried out for barracudas, sharks, mackerels and giant horse mackerel. Near the island of Irian Jaya there are great depths not far from the coast, so black and blue marlin, shark, striped tuna, sailboat, etc. are caught here.
For fishing in There are no restrictions in Indonesia, as in other countries: you can catch fish both for fun on the principle of"catch and release", and for food, that is, taking the catch with you.

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