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Fishing in Israel

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Real fishermen are always beckon to new, unexplored and exotic places. They are also thinking about new ways of fishing. Travel to Israel will help to quench this thirst - this country offers a wide range of opportunities in the direction of fishing.

Fishing in Israel is made special, first of all, by the nature of this country. The Mediterranean and Red Seas are home to a wide variety of underwater inhabitants. But the possible places for fishing are not at all limited to them, because you can always go fishing in fresh water bodies, for example, the Sea of Galilee - Lake Kinneret.

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Israel Yacht Club

If you want a well-thought-out, planned and organized fishing, then it would be a great idea to contact the so-called Israel Yacht Club. This organization will help you spend your time with maximum benefit and convenience. Among the available services are the rental of yachts and boats, suits for both fishing and spearfishing, the necessary equipment and equipment. And, of course, advice from experienced specialists is attached: beginners will be helped to master a new craft, and experienced fishermen will be prompted to fish places.

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Fishing on the Kinneret Lake in Israel

The Kinneret Lake, or the Sea of Galilee, is worthy of special attention. Besides its rich history, it offers fishermen clear waters, year-round warmth and richness of the underwater world. They say that one of the Biblical characters, the Apostle Peter, was fishing in this reservoir. Almost any type of freshwater fish can be found in Lake Kinneret, but most often carp, catfish and barbel are found.

Image Fishermen on the Kinneret Lake

Carp, by the way, it was considered a great delicacy in the Celestial Empire, dishes from it were served only to members of the imperial family. Now, any fisherman who went to Lake Kinneret in Israel can please himself with such a charm.

Carp is caught in Israel"by hair" with the help of boilies. This means that different protein balls with different smells are used as bait. Another popular method is to use long-range tackle to avoid line breakage.

Image Casting gear (Lake Kinneret)

Those who like to test themselves for strength choose the barbel hunt. This fish is known for its cunning, caution and maneuverability. Barbel is caught at night, when using the bottom method. If the catch is successful, then it is recommended to cook the barbel in a smoked form.

Well, where without catfish? Fishing on them also takes place in the dark with a dock or a bridge.

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