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Madrid Nightlife

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Rarely a tour to Madrid is complete without a walk through the cozy night streets of the Spanish capital. Life here is in full swing, and this has also affected entertainment venues. Not only tourists, but also the Spaniards themselves – frequent guests of clubs, restaurants and music cafes, which are open exclusively in the afternoon.


Madrid nightlife

If we talk about the Madrid nightlife in general, the entertainment profiles can be divided into two large parts: the actual night (aka – music) clubs and restaurants and cafes with summer terraces.

Madrid nightclubs

There are dozens of nightclubs in the center of Madrid alone. Currently, these are multidisciplinary entertainment areas, although some clubs continue to maintain a narrow party format, attracting a certain category of guests.

Gabana 1800

The Gabana   1800 club is located in a former flamenco hall, and before still enjoys overwhelming success, both in Madrid itself and throughout Spain. The popularity of the club is not least due to the stellar character of the audience: everyone, from members of the royal family to local television stars, rests here.


Gabana   1800

The interior of the establishment is made using exclusively noble types of wood, luxurious furniture is placed everywhere. The music is mostly represented by the Spanish pop scene, and closer to the night, the preponderance shifts towards the house.

Buddha Del Mar

The Budda Club   del   Mar   is not a Buddhist temple at all, this the nightclub gained fame thanks to the frequent visits of Real Madrid players. It captivates the audience with its unique style, unique atmosphere and special music. It is mainly for people over 30 who rest here, and summer evenings are brightened up by increasing the area of the club with the help of a terrace.

It is not uncommon for Buddha statues in the room, and it is not at all necessary to devote time entirely to the dance floor – you can go to the chill-out area, where visitors to the club can take a breath in a comfortable chair or on a couch in the company of soft drinks and Asian cuisine.

Pacha Madrid

Pacha club that has become a legend of Madrid – these are three floors of entertainment for every taste. The club is located in the premises of the former Barcelo theater, refurbished in the 1980s.

The value of the club is that it meets the tastes of a wide variety of audiences – until midnight there are youth parties with fashionable DJs and representatives of the electronic scene, and late at night lovers of more serious music come here – flamenco, mambo and progressive pop.


Pacha Madrid

Important: Getting to the Pacha club is sometimes not so easy. Some organizers periodically buy rooms for private presentations and VIP parties.

Studio 42

Democratic 42nd Club of Madrid – this is a place where students and tourists who prefer inexpensive vacations and contemporary European music gather. Now Studio 42 – it is a launching pad for aspiring DJs working in the house or neurofunk genre.

The ticket price for most Studio 42 parties does not exceed 12 euros, which determined the bulk of the local audience

Joy Madrid

Glam Club Joy Madrid – this is a place where lovers of all kinds of music gather. The specifics of the format – in the maximum variety of performers. There are three stages here that can work simultaneously without interfering with each other.

The baroque interior of the club is especially colorful in noisy electronic discos, when several hundred spectators dance in laser beams. In addition, Spanish soft rock bands love to play here.

Sala Arena

Madrid Arena is an analogue of the largest concert halls in Europe and proudly bears its name, justifying its good capacity. Today Sala Arena – this is a place where large-scale rock festivals and concerts of touring bands are held.


Sala Arena

In addition to live concerts, this club hosts performances by top DJs from Spain and Portugal. Also the 'arena' was chosen by the organizers of themed parties in honor of Christmas, New Years and other holidays.


Recognized as the 'Oldest Club' Madrid, Club Charada is an art-house venue for those who are bored with typical parties. The main format of music – jazz with electronic elements. The site itself, according to the owners, is the only and unique example of Spanish retro-futurism.

Terraces of Madrid

The first terraces appeared in Spanish taverns in the late Middle Ages, when the weather is fine guests were offered to eat in the open air. Now the night terraces of Madrid cafes and restaurants – it is a good tradition, without which it is impossible to imagine the modern look of the city.


Terrace in Madrid


One of the few oriental-style Madrid restaurants with a night terrace. In this case, the format of the institution is made in Indian aesthetics with the indispensable attributes – painted facade, carved tables and, of course, recognizable music.

The institution is located not far from the Atocha station – the largest railway junction in Spain.

Casa Mingo

Perhaps the most democratic of the nightlife cafes in Madrid. On its terrace you can see inexpensive chicken dishes and numerous salads. The institution became famous throughout the country thanks to the supply of cider – it is brought here directly from Asturias – northern principality of Spain, famous for its elite vineyards.

La Buga del Lobo

The longest night terrace in Madrid. The restaurant is located on Argumos street – a kind of Madrid version of the Arbat. The wide avenue attracts young people, creative professionals, and those who wish to join the modern cosmopolitan society of the Spanish capital.


La Buga del Lobo

In addition to this restaurant, there are a dozen of similar establishments on both sides of the street. Due to the abundance of cafes, at night the street is called – the terrace of Argumos.


Unique not only for Madrid, but also for the whole of Spain an object. This terrace is an integral part of the Thyssen Art Gallery, or rather – her restaurant. With the onset of darkness, the museum closes, but the night terrace gives this place a special charm.

Those who want to be here during the day should visit the museum itself. Its halls house a unique collection of original works by Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch masters of painting. Among all – Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt and Rubens.

El Espejo

A beautiful restaurant located near the important cultural sites of Madrid. The terrace is open around the clock and is not only an important entertainment, but also an important architectural object. Designed in the Art Nouveau style, this terrace may well claim to be the brightest restaurant in Europe.

By the way, the prices here are very reasonable by the standards of Spain, so there are many visitors even in quiet daytime hours. The only negative – the staff are reluctant to speak any language other than Spanish.

C í rculo de Bellas Artes

A restaurant with a night terrace, part of a huge cultural center – this is the place where any tourist interested in Spanish architecture wants to go. It is customary to relax here in a special atmosphere, reading books or discussing the just visited presentation of the exhibition of a fashionable Spanish artist.

Urban Carrera de San Jer & oacute; nimo

One of the most expensive restaurants in Madrid offers several terraces with panoramic views of the city. Only delicious food is served here but many residents of the capital come to the terrace for signature cocktails, which are considered some of the best in the city.


Urban Carrera de San Jer & oacute; nimo

Caf é de Oriente

Despite the fact that this is a cafe, sitting on its terrace at night you can admire some of the central attractions – The Madrid Opera and the Royal Palace. The prices here correspond to the location of the place, but a late dinner on such a terrace will give you the chance to be at the next table with some Spanish celebrity.

In addition, the cafe often serves as a place for presentation parties for writers, musicians and artists of Spain.

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