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Fishing in France

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France is considered one of the best fishing destinations in Europe. The number of fresh water bodies in the suburban recreation areas of this country is such that you can quite officially arrange tours dedicated exclusively to fishing, and nothing else.

In local rivers and lakes, they usually hunt carp and catfish. But first things first.

Image With a catch

Where to go fishing in France?

Fishermen in France was chosen primarily by stocked gravel pits. Among the well-known dammed lakes for a rich catch, most often go to Cassienne, Salaga, Sainte-Croix, Sainte-Geniez and Woolglans.

Among the favorites among anglers there are a couple of even larger reservoirs – Chauntecock, Orient, Madine.

Image Fishing in the lakes of France

Of course, fish is caught in France not only in lakes, but and in the rivers. There are more famous ones, for example, Seine, Saone, Loire or Rhone, and there are those that an ordinary fisherman has hardly heard of. The Saona River is popular, first of all, because here you can legally organize a camping area, and in some areas night fishing is allowed.

You can also go to the shores of the Atlantic – this direction is tempting from the point of view of obtaining a fishing permit – no license is required for sea fishing.

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What kind of fish can you catch in France?

The catch in France depends on the location you have chosen and the method of fishing.

If you followed the simple path and paved the way to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, then you are going to hunt for sea bass, eel or tuna.

Image Eel

For salmon and trout (which are usually caught with fly fishing) should head for small canals and rivers. For example, the Laura River would be an excellent choice. It is possible, however, that such fishing will be accompanied by frequent encounters with pike.

The same catfish, which is one of the most popular trophies of French fishermen, over the past few years, it has increased the population so much that fishing is no longer limited. Catfish can be found in almost every freshwater body of water in France.



Required documents and regulations for fishing in France

Come to France and go fishing on their own in local waters – the idea is a failure. The fact is that in this country, fishing is extremely difficult and strictly regulated by law.

Restrictions may apply to the season, fishing methods, territory and other factors. It is better, of course, to think over everything in advance, and get a license back at home.

You can use the services of numerous fish farms and campgrounds in France, which take care of all this paperwork – you just pay, and your vacation will be arranged.

Image Fishing in France must be completed one hour before sunset

The laws of France differ from the same in Germany, at least it is that it is not necessary for a tourist to issue a fishing ticket. It will be enough to have a fishing card, which is the very license.

The card is a document issued to a potential angler. It indicates not only the personal data of the fisherman, but also the timing of fishing, as well as the region in which fishing is planned. Fishing, according to the map, is allowed within a radius of 120 km from the planned place of arrival.

Depending on the processing time, the cost of the fishing card will be different. On average, legal access to water bodies in France costs up to 120 euros.
that it is not necessary to issue a fishing ticket. It will be enough to have a fishing card, which is the very license.

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