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Fishing in China

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There are many different types of outdoor activities, but many men prefer to spend their free time somewhere on the shore of a lake or river with a fishing rod or spinning rod in hand. Many fishing enthusiasts, even going on a trip, find out about the possibility of fishing in those places where they go on vacation. Nowadays, fishing is popular in many countries, and China is no exception. It is China that has recently been considered the capital of the world when it comes to fishing tourist trips. Many travel agencies have offers to go to the Middle Kingdom to mountain lakes and rivers with beautiful and unique nature.
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China is a very large country, therefore there are many different reservoirs and rivers on its territory. When choosing a place to stay, you should look for a good base where you can not only live comfortably during the whole vacation, but also find equipment for fishing, because it is not very convenient to drag all this from home.
Holidays in China with the aim of fishing is very interesting, since in this country both men and women are engaged in fishing and catch everything that is caught. The main equipment is a fishing rod or spinning rod. In the lakes and rivers of the Celestial Empire, carps, grass carps and crucians are caught. If you come across a local variety of bream or catfish, then this is considered a great success. Fishing is a common thing for the Chinese, they prefer to fish without a leash using a braid. For bait, they take worms, for bait - an ordinary cake, grain and even boiled rice is used!
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There is free fishing and paid fishing in China. Anyone can do free fishing. Basically, fishing is allowed for free in mountain lakes and large rivers. They don't fish much in the mountains, and fishing here can be very successful. Large fish-breeding companies do not fish here, since transportation from mountain rivers is difficult and economically unprofitable. Naturally, this is beneficial for local anglers. If you decide on free fishing on mountain rivers, it is better to take a guide or a local fisherman with you for the first time, who can lead you along the local trails.
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Chinese law allows tour operators to rent the shores of lakes and rivers, which is becoming increasingly popular with tour operators. If paid fishing is ordered, it is very profitable and convenient. Firstly, tackle, fishing rods, any equipment and even bait and bait are provided free of charge. Secondly, you can use the services of an instructor who will be there all the time. And thirdly, you only need to pay for the caught fish. So fishing lovers will get real pleasure from such a vacation.
A kind of mini-fishing is popular in China. Many hotels have built special stone tanks covering an area of 5-10 square meters. In these tanks, fish are bred or launched specifically for fishing. You can take a fishing rod from the owner of the hotel and start fishing. Moreover, everything that the fisherman catches can be prepared for dinner, but this pleasure is quite inexpensive.
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There is also extreme fishing in China. Local fishermen practice the so-called trolling, which means that the bait clings to a strong spinning rod and is pulled on a boat. Fishing is also practiced with a bow and a crossbow. This unique sight is worth seeing: how a Chinese man, armed with a bow or crossbow, is fishing. Beginners are unlikely to be able to catch anything the first time. This is clear, as the Chinese achieve mastery by training from childhood. True, the Chinese fish in this way more for entertainment, in order to attract the public. Often they are specially hired by local travel agencies who promise their clients"spectacles", a kind of"bait" for tourists.

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