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Fishing in Cyprus

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Cyprus is great for fishing in many different places and in many different ways. It is distinguished by its richness, diversity and richness of the catch. Where to go fishing in Cyprus?

Sea fishing from the coast in Cyprus

Of course, the central place among all forms of fishing craft in Cyprus, it is sea fishing. Its format depends on the fisherman's budget. If you are ready to spend about 100 euros per person on your favorite pastime, then you can go to the open sea, where trolling for large fish such as tuna is to be done.

Image Fishing from the shore

But not at all of less interest is fishing from the shore. It is also extremely popular with locals who know the fish shores and breakwaters. The latter, by the way, can reach 150 meters in length, are located at a distance of 100-200 meters from the coastline. Get there on their own. In such cases, they fish with a rod, and from the bait they use a sea worm (which is sold in jars in local fishing shops) and bait. Of course, you shouldn't build any illusions about a large catch in this way, small fish will most likely come across. But even this may be enough for someone. Prey should be stored in water with great care - local predators such as moray eels can covet it.

Image Perch

Fishing in reservoirs in Cyprus

Cyprus also has its own fresh water supply system, which is the reason for the emergence of solid reservoirs. There are about 20 of them on the island. There are roach, silver bream, perch, carp, catfish, pike perch, tench and bream. Of course, you have to pay for fishing. Depending on your plans, you can purchase a fishing permit for one reservoir, or for all at once, which will cost 2 times more. You are unlikely to meet locals in such places. However, it will almost certainly not be possible to stay alone either, because other tourists (mainly British) and gastro-beaters, who were driven here by the crisis, like to fish in the reservoirs.

Image There are about 20 reservoirs on the island of Cyprus

Methods of fishing in reservoirs in Cyprus

How to fish in a reservoir is up to you. There is an option for fishing with a float. This way, however, will hardly allow you to compete with serious prey that will simply tear the line. The main part of the fishermen catches on a feeder and a donk. Sometimes very weighty specimens come across, so the fishing rod should be closely monitored so as not to be dragged away. If you're lucky, you can catch pink carp in this way. You can also try spinning. He, however, requires more serious training and is not very suitable for inexperienced fishermen.

Image Spinning fishing

In general Cyprus is definitely the most tempting fishing spot in the Balkan region. Here you can combine freshwater and saltwater fishing, and local chefs will find it a joy to cook you dinner from your own catch.

Speaking about specific water bodies, the most popular places are Yermasogeia, Dhypotamos and Asprogremmos.

Yermasogeia is not far from Limassol, and you can catch roach, silver bream, mullet, perch or carp here.
Image Yermasogeia, Cyprus

Dhypotamos is famous for that it was in this reservoir that the largest fish in Cyprus was caught - Green carp weighing 15 kg and one and a half meters long. This place is located between the cities of Larnaca and Limassol, and besides green carps, tench, bream, roach and catfish bite here.

Well, Asprogremmos is the largest dam in Cyprus. The most convenient way to get here is from Paphos airport, and you can hunt for trout, roach, catfish, carp, tench and perch. Among the underwater inhabitants there are really large fish.

Image Fishing at Dhypotamos, Cyprus

and you can hunt for trout, roach, catfish, carp, tench and perch. Among the underwater inhabitants there are really large fish.

Image Fishing at Dhypotamos, Cyprus

and you can hunt for trout, roach, catfish, carp, tench and perch. There are really large fish among the underwater inhabitants.

Image Fishing at Dhypotamos, Cyprus

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