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Popular US Brands

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Hardly any of us imagine life without American products, because the lion a share of what surrounds us comes from this particular country. Let's take a look at the most popular brands in the United States.
1. Apple. The Apple Company is not just one of the most famous manufacturers of computer equipment, phones, audio players and software, but also the most expensive company in the world. The brainchild of Steve Jobs needs no introduction Apple products have an enviable reputation for impeccable quality, great design and always keep pace with innovation.
2. Google. Another giant in the IT market, it just so happened that the lion's share of players in this market are American brands. Google has long ceased to be just a supplier of the world's most popular search engine. Now it is the developer of a number of Internet services and products, including the Android operating system, which is installed on a very impressive share of smartphones around the world.

3. Microsoft. Almost certainly everyone has come across the products of this brand, the Windows operating system is on any home computer. Microsoft develops software for various kinds of computing equipment: from PCs to smartphones. In addition to the most popular operating system on the planet, one can also note the company's products such as the Xbox family of game consoles and the Bing search engine.
4. Coca-cola. Supplier of the world's most popular non-alcoholic beverage that everyone knows. Someone can scold the products of this brand, someone speak in defense, but one thing remains unchanged - everyone knows Coca-Cola, and songs from Christmas advertisements are humming in the streets. Among other things, it is also one of the most valuable brands in the world.
Image Coca-Cola Truck
5. Disney. The company that gave us a magical childhood in the company of our favorite cartoon characters. Of course, the brand has long ceased to be just a couple of animation studios, now it is one of the largest companies in Hollywood, which regularly delivers films to the audience There are over a dozen Disneyland theme parks scattered around the world, where visitors come to plunge into the magical world of childhood and adventure.
6. Nike. The well-known manufacturer of sportswear and accessories at one time made a splash in the market, quickly squeezing out competitors. Athletes around the world appreciate the quality of this American company. And even in our country it is difficult to find at least one wardrobe that does not have at least one product under this brand.
7 ... Amazon. One of the world's largest online stores has an impressive turnover. The company is also one of the pioneers in e-commerce. Now the store finds its customers all over the world.
Image Nike store
8. Ford. And in the automotive industry, the Americans have succeeded, companies such as Dodge, Chevrolet, and, of course, Ford, are heard by many motorists. The company is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, joining the ranks of such giants as 9. Toyota. The company's repertoire includes both timeless classics and modern low-cost passenger cars. Of course, the place went to luxury sports cars.
and modern budget passenger models. Of course, the place went to luxury sports cars.
and modern budget passenger models. Of course, the place went to luxury sports cars.

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Topic: Popular US Brands.Popular US Brands

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