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Flea markets and flea markets in Tunisia

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Image The largest flea markets are located in Sousse and Tunisia

When, while vacationing in Tunisia, you have already admired the scenery of the Sahara desert, rode a humpbacked camel, ate plenty of fresh dates, and it seems that there are no surprises left, you should go to one of the flea markets in Tunisia. Both tourists and locals flock here in search of a profitable alternative to goods in stores. In addition, at the flea markets of Tunisia you can find something that you can't buy in a regular store, and who doesn't want to come home with unique souvenirs?

The largest flea markets in Tunisia are located in Sousse and Tunisia. There are even markets in the capital that are open all week, which is very convenient - you don't need to adjust your schedule to visit them. Most of the visitors come to these markets to buy clothes. On the shelves you can find, among other things, products of famous brands in very good condition, or even new. Prices in any case will be lower than in stores. It is also worth noting that you will have to spend a lot of time looking for valuable things.

Image Shuk el Attarine

In the capital, the markets of Ibn Khaldun, Ariana, El Hafisa, Beb Al Fella are the most popular among buyers. The most convenient location is probably near the El Khalifa market. It should be found in the Arabian part of the old city. This place can be recognized by the winding alleys and blank walls. The central part of the market is located in the Zitouna Mosque, also called the Great Mosque. The market is built around it. The counters are arranged according to the principle of"nobility". Among them are Shuk el Attarine, where customers can get perfume, henna or aromatic oils, Shuk el Berka specializes in jewelry and silver products, Shuk el Koumach with silky fabrics, Shuk el Trouk is a paradise for fashionistas, Shuk el Chaouchiya - market for emigrants. The market is visited not only in search of cheapness, here you can also meet very wealthy citizens who come here in search of quality products from well-known brands.
On the shelves of the Tunisian flea markets you can also find all kinds of trays, coffee pots, vases and ashtrays made of copper and brass; ceramics; coins; fossils; pieces of furniture. You can very nicely decorate your interior with the results of the work of local craftsmen: handmade carpets, paintings and sculptures.

Image Souvenirs and decorations

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Topic: Flea markets and flea markets in Tunisia.Flea markets and flea markets in Tunisia

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