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Silicon Valley USA

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Image Panorama of Silicon Valley
" Silicon Valley"is, by and large, not the correct name for the zone with the highest concentration of high-tech companies in the United States. The reason for this was the similarity of the terms silicon (silicon) and silicone (silicone). Thus, it is correct to call this place Silicon Valley. Nevertheless, since both names are in use, we will recognize both options.
There are over 20 world-renowned giants in Silicon Valley that are developing all kinds of computer technologies, and more than a thousand companies that produce software and hardware.
The zone was formed by the idea of scientists at Stanford University. In the postwar years, she solved the problem of funding and employment of graduates. The university simply leased vacant territories to successful players in the technical development market. This led to the fact that companies such as HP, Intel, Apple, AMD, Nvidia, Google and others settled in Silicon Valley.
Image Google Building in Silicon Valley
The world owes the appearance of Silicon Valley to Frederk Terman, a professor at Stanford University, who, as part of measures to address the problem of graduate outflow to other states, invited two of his best students to try to start their own business within the walls of Stanford. They are William Hewitt and David Packard, founders of Hewlett-Packard Co. This move, coupled with measures such as financial support programs for young people and the creation of an enabling environment for research and business in the region, led to the establishment of the Stanford Research Center.
Already in the 80s In the 90s, the first millionaires appeared in the valley, and today this zone is the concentration of the largest number of the richest people in the United States. It is worth noting that Silicon Valley faced such problems as housing and a serious social barrier due to the difference in income of the population.

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