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Brands of Austria

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Austria is not known only with its mountain resorts, beautiful lakes and sights, but also brands that are recognized all over the world for their quality and exclusivity.Image
Wolford Shop

Big World Austrian brand Wolford has been famous for sixty years related to the premium class. The brand name has been talking about quality for a long time. FROM Since its inception, Wolford was engaged in the production of lingerie and hosiery. The company has always been one step ahead, it presented the first tights, which are resistant to puffs, the first stockings with elastic band, the first seamless bodysuit, developed new fiber Cantrece, for the release of thin elastic tights. The brand worked with famous designers: Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood, as well collaborated with Armani, Kenzo, etc. The range of the company is expanding and at this the moment includes various elements of women's wardrobe, as well as men's Underwear. Wolford has fourteen subsidiary all over the world. Its products are supplied to 65 countries of the world.

There is one more an Austrian company that produces lingerie, stockings and tights, swimwear, nightwear, homewear, and men's socks and underwear linen - Palmers. Each collection is represented by three main lines: Paradise - young, sexy, upbeat style; The baseline has perfect shapes with sensual designs using delicate materials and interesting details - French style French; Selezione possesses a perfect, glamorous and at the same time seductively in Italian style.Image
Swarovski Factory

Probably not in the world there is a person who would not have heard of Swarovski jewelry. Daniel Swarovski has invented a unique automatic cutting machine crystals. In 1895 he founded a crystal company. The plant was built in the Austrian city of Watten. Today the company is engaged in the production of jewelry, figurines and many others. things where Swarovski crystals are used. All products of the company are emblem. At first, the edelweiss flower served as an emblem, in 1988 it was replaced the image of a swan, which symbolizes a beautiful transformation. At present time the company has its own museum"Crystal Worlds Swarovski", which is on the site of the first plant. It is very popular with tourists, and is the second most visited country in the country.  Image
Swarovski Crystal Worlds Museum

AugartenPorzellan is producing exclusive porcelain products"madeinAustria". Porcelain Augarten made by hand, it is distinguished by extraordinary whiteness, grace and a variety of styles that are presented from the Baroque era to modern stylistic directions. Vienna manufactory Augarten was opened in 1718 year, she has always focused on the production of products intended for those who has a delicate taste and can appreciate Augarten porcelain. Factory first produced products for the Austro-Hungarian imperial court, which was one of the most brilliant in Europe. The production was under the auspices Empress Maria Theresa. Currently the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory located in the former imperial country palace Augarten.Image
Porcelain Augarten

Under the famous Austrian the FIREFLY brand produces men's and women's clothing, accessories and equipment for active sports: snowboarding, skiing and surfing. Men's and women's ski clothing and equipment also produces another well-known Austrian brand - Fischer. Under the Loffler brand -start_logo produces men's and women's ski clothing and thermal underwear. Under   brand LILA PIX   the release of designer clothes from natural fabrics, both for everyday use and for responsible activities.

Austria is a country in which everything is done with the famous German quality. It concerns how production and services.

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