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Flea market in Pattaya

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Image Pattaya Night Market

Pattaya cannot be named the world center of collector's shopping, however, there is also a place where they sell rarities and junk. This is a market called Teprazit. It works in the dark, and the assortment of local counters is not limited to products that are familiar to the flea market, but such products are not the last here. But first things first.

Teprazit is the most popular night market in Pattaya, both tourists and locals come here to shop. You can find it on Thepprasit Rd, you should focus on the Outtlet Mall. Opening days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, opening hours are around 6 pm.

Image Souvenir shop

As noted earlier , on Teprazit you can buy a variety of goods. Much attention is paid to exotic Thai dishes. You can eat fried grasshoppers, beetles or their larvae for a very affordable price, taste salted fish and obscene shrimp. There is a very rich selection of soups for every taste, it is difficult to resist aromatic smells. Satisfied tourists visiting the market especially praise the fried pork ribs.

Clothing occupies one of the central places in the market. There is really a lot of it here, the prices are ridiculous, but the quality does not shine either. There are, of course, some pretty good specimens with original designs, but you have to spend a lot of time to find them.

Teprasit counters are full of cheap souvenirs. As a guideline, you can give the prices for key rings - they cost about 25 baht apiece.

Image Watches for every taste

Travelers with children will be pleased to know that there are stalls in the market that specialize in products for young tourists. They offer a wide selection of toys for different ages.

Of course, the market cannot do without cell phones and fake bags and watches of famous world brands.

Of course, the part of the market that most closely fits the term"flea market" is of particular interest. Here you can find unique and old things, and the prices for them do not break. What is missing here: a helmet from the First World War, a ritual trumpet from Nepal, worn-out shoes, rare coins, etc. By the way, there is a very large selection of coins, so collectors should definitely go through the rows in search of a worthy addition to their collections. You will have to bargain for really valuable things, because the sellers know their price.

Image Decorative cosmetics

You can find antiques of the times World War II. They trade in awards, medals, helmets (both German and Soviet), magazines, dishes, caskets. You can get a knife or even a sword for a modest price of 100 baht. Nearby are real handcuffs, which will certainly interest a certain segment of buyers. They also sell computer equipment. Even if you do not have a passion for this kind of shopping, it is still worth taking a stroll through the market. Sometimes there are some very unusual products, like an aquarium inside a vintage TV.

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Topic: Flea market in Pattaya.Flea market in Pattaya

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