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Where to relax in England?

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Image Fog over the Thames

Holidays in England rather more sightseeing than beach, the reason for this is its climatic conditions. It's not for nothing that Great Britain is called Foggy Albion. Moreover, there is something to see here. Small provincial villages and big bustling cities are attractive.

Image Castle in Wales

Traveling in England, you should immediately think about the travel route in order to visit all the interesting places. In this country with a thousand-year history, there are many attractions that are carriers of age-old English traditions. They give an opportunity to feel the English way of life, get to know her customs and traditions better. Each region of the UK has its own characteristics and deserves to be visited. Scotland and Wales are famous for their numerous castles, picturesque valleys and centuries-old traditions that are still observed.

Image At the Sherlock Holmes Apartment Museum

First of all, it is interesting, of course, to get to know better the capital of England - London. Many readers will be interested in visiting the Sherlock Holmes Apartment Museum, about whose adventures the English writer Arthur Conan Doyle wrote. In this museum you can see real interior items, the chair on which Sherlock Holmes sat, see his pipe, the great detective's violin, as well as look at chemical reagents and much more.

Image The Tower of London

A frightening and gloomy landmark is the Tower of London, where the residence of the kings and the city prison was for a long time. Currently, the Tower is very popular with tourists. It provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of England, its walls remember many events that influenced the course of the country's history, in the basements of the castle you can see the instruments of torture that were used to obtain evidence.

Image Westminster Abbey

Each attraction has its own the atmosphere, for example, Westminster Abbey amazes with the architecture of its Gothic church. For the British, the Abbey is of great importance - it is their shrine, on the territory of which all English rulers were crowned. The walls of the Abbey keep many secrets, and various relics are kept in the ancient cellars. Tourists should definitely visit Westminster Abbey, see the medieval architecture and the collection of icons that are on display here.

Image Eastbourne Beach

Newport is located on the border England and Wales. The climate here is mild: not very severe winters and rather warm summers. People go to this resort more for the sake of recovery, especially with asthma and anemia. The local climate promotes health, helps to cure many diseases.

Many people represent England with deeply religious prim British and well-established traditions. But modern England has vibrant cities with vibrant nightlife and many attractions, and small, cute villages with patriarchal landscapes and reserves. Visiting England, you can see the real queen, visit ancient castles, admire its beautiful landscapes.

Image Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain

Last time in England, a new type of recreation became popular - country. Many tourists prefer to stay in country and rural hotels instead of expensive hotels. These rural hotels have their own special charm. Thanks to the fireplace in the spacious hall, home furnishings, a hot dinner, prepared by a caring hostess creates a cozy and comfortable environment. And this pleasure is quite inexpensive.

Image Country hotel

Except for excursions, amateurs outdoor activities can play golf, horseback riding, rafting, shooting, go on safari, fishing, sailing, etc.

Visiting England can be combined with exploring English, even special language tours are organized for this. They allow you to communicate live with native speakers, which helps to replenish vocabulary and master the basics of grammar.

Image While playing golf

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Topic: Where to relax in England?.Where to relax in England?

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