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In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular literary characters of the 19th-20th centuries associated with Old England , like no one else. The first surge of"Sherlokomania" occurred in the 1950s-1960s, during the days of the collapse of the British Empire, and we can observe the second wave now, against the background of numerous film adaptations of the adventures of Holmes and Watson.

Many people today are not sent to England only for the classic sights - they want to look at the places where the book Sherlock Holmes and his friends and enemies lived and worked. And in this case, you should not limit yourself to the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street, although you should not ignore it.

Detective Museum on Baker Street


Sherlock Holmes Museum

Most Popular “ Sherlock's"landmark of London is, of course, the Sherlock Holmes Museum. It is located on the real Baker Street, in the building that is actually assigned the number 221b. Here, however, everything is not so simple - in the days of Doyle, Baker Street ended in 80th house, so in reality the house where the detective lived did not exist. Now this street has grown, but the real number of the house-museum was still not 221b, but 239.

First, the house-museum, which did not have the proper address, registered under the name"221b Baker Street" to hang on the wall the corresponding plate. Soon people began to write letters to the museum addressed to Sherlock Holmes, and to avoid postal confusion, the city authorities assigned a book address to the museum.

By the way, the wall of the museum is decorated with Holmes, played by our Russian actor Livanov. The fact is that it was his Sherlock Holmes who was recognized as the best and most iconic of all the movie Holmes.

Inside the house, the atmosphere of the Victorian era, in which Sherlock Holmes lived and worked.


Living room on the second floor

On the first floor there is a small gift shop, on the second - Holmes' living room and bedroom, on the third - Watson and Mrs. Hudson's bedrooms. On the fourth floor, you can see the wax figures of the heroes of the books about Sherlock Holmes.

If you want to see where Sherlock Holmes really could live, then it is worth taking a walk from 19 to 35 Baker Street. There is now a shopping center here, on the site of which, most likely, the book house 221b was located. Opposite, by the way, is house # 32, from which Moran was aiming at Holmes and Watson's living room.


Sherlock Violin

Sherlock Holmes Pub

Before 1957 it was the place was the Northumberland Arms Hotel, the same one where Henry Buxerville stayed and where his shoe was stolen. The hotel was converted into a pub, which also recreated the Sherlock Holmes living room. and some of the heroes of his stories;

The building of New Scotland Yard - the place where Inspector Lestrade and other police officers with whom Holmes had to deal worked. By the way, in Scotland Yard there is an interesting"Black Museum" of the instruments of crime, which is also worth a visit;

Charing Cross station and the nearby hotel of the same name. Holmes and Watson repeatedly went to other cities from the station to investigate, and at the hotel Sherlock solved the case of Hugo Oberstein, a dangerous spy and anti-hero of the story"Drawings of Bruce-Partington";

Craven Passage not far from Channing Cross. This alley used to be the location of the Turkish Baths, where Watson and Holmes often visited;

St. Bartholomew's Hospital is almost another most famous attraction, since it was here, according to the book, that Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson first met. In a modern chemical laboratory there is even a memorial plaque in honor of this"event";

Strand Street, on which several houses at once participated in the events of"Sherlock Holmes". For example, in the house number 100 there is a restaurant"Simpson on the Strand" - the same one where Holmes and Watson loved to dine. And at number 48 there was a shoe store where Henry Baskerville bought shoes.Image

St. Bartholomew's Hospital

More than London

However, if you have set yourself the goal of going through all the places in England associated with the book Sherlock Holmes, then you should not limit yourself to London alone. Sherlock Holmes has solved crimes all over the country, and he and Watson have visited many wonderful cities.


In his notes, Dr. Watson, talking about Cambridge and Oxford , adds them into one word - Camford. Where Sherlock Holmes himself received his education is unknown, but many of his famous rivals studied here. Among them is Holmes's sworn enemy, Moriarty - he was undoubtedly a graduate of one of these educational institutions. Sherlock Holmes and Watson conducted their investigations in both of these towns, so it is worth visiting both Oxford and Cambridge - however, walking through them is a pleasure, it helps you immerse yourself in the real English atmosphere very well.



In this area is the Lizard Peninsula, where they came to improve their health and just relax by the Sherlock Sea Holmes and Dr. Watson. And it was here that they became participants in what the press called the"Cornwall Horror". Unfortunately, that cottage in Poldu Bay, where Watson and Holmes could have lived, has not survived, and ordinary farmers now live in the house of the Tregennis family from the story"The Devil's Leg", but you will still be able to look at the house from the side.


Lizard Peninsula

South Wales

There is a version that"Baskerville Hall", the famous estate from the story"The Dog of the Baskervilles", is located in South Wales, near the town of Hay-on-Wye. This estate is now represented by a hotel. Local workers like to say that it was here that Conan Doyle learned the legend of the creepy dog, which formed the basis of the famous story. True, Hay-on-Wye clearly lacks the dark swamps that Doyle so colorfully described in his story, so there is another place that could be"Baskerville Hall."


South Wales


Conan Doyle wrote a story about the Baskerville dog in Princestown, Dartmoor. That is why there is a" Baskerville" hall"- Brook Manor estate, which is quite consistent with the description. Moreover, in Dartmoor there are many objects very similar to the places and buildings described by Doyle, including those very dark swamps.


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