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5 interesting travel blogs

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Very often, before going on a trip ourselves, we study information about those places where we want to spend a vacation - – history, culture, traditions, and most importantly – the impression of those who have already visited the country of our choice.

Today there are hundreds of blogs and online diaries that tell about travels in Russia and the rest of the world. Some blogs – these are classic travel notes with photographs and valuable information, and some sites have long `` grown '' in the format of full-fledged travel portals.

We offer you to get acquainted with 5 interesting and promising travel blogs that we found on the Internet.


World of impressions

World of impressions

Created in 2010 by user kladez-zolota, the World of Impressions blog – This is a sample of classic travel notes. A typical heading is dedicated to attractions, hotels, and places of recreation and entertainment. Each post contains author's photos, which speaks of the blogger's serious approach.

From the useful headings of the site, the section"News" should be noted. Here you can find up-to-date information about tours, paperwork, history and traditions of the countries of the world, as well as ways of travel and rules of conduct in a particular country.

Total in the blog `` World of impressions '' for 2015, information was collected about 16 countries and 5 Russian regions: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Leningrad regions, as well as about the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Crimea. Most of the posts are about Germany and Finland.

The site has a convenient search system, a reasonable number of tags, and, importantly, – minimum of advertising banners.

Unconditional plus of the blog – stable updating of all headings and support of current topics.

Address: //


VeniVidi website


An abbreviated version of Caesar’s famous words: “I came, I saw”; now called the next generation travel blog. The VeniVidi website started its work in 2007, and now it is a full-fledged travel portal with a large informative base.

Unlike author blogs, the material here is published by users after creating an individual account. In total, more than 20 thousand materials have been published on the site for 2015, including classic travel reports, articles and even video materials.

Articles of authors are not structured by tags, and in the form of a convenient menu – more than 30 headings are offered. Popular sections include: Famous Places, City Walks, Nature, Museums and Exhibitions. and a number of others.

The presented countries are ordered not according to the personal wishes of the authors, but according to the actual demand for tourist destinations. The leaders on the site – Turkey, Egypt, Germany, Greece, USA.

A separate large section is devoted to Russian tourism. For 2015, it contains over 3 thousand materials.

Among the pleasant bonuses of the portal, it is worth noting the link to flight search engines, as well as the ability to book a hotel room.

Address: //


Author's blog"Roads of the World"

Roads of the world

Author's blog « Roads of the world '' was founded by Russian traveler and journalist Galina Schaefer in 2011. It is mainly dedicated to car travel in Russia, including places that are poorly represented by observers, or in general – little-known corners of our homeland.

The author pays special attention to the surroundings of the famous resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, natural objects of Central Russia, ancient sights – monasteries, temples, as well as important archaeological sites, for example – dolmens of Gelendzhik.

The heading of the site is quite simple – there is nothing superfluous. In total, the blog presents 9 Russian regions, including such `` informal '' for mass recreation areas like Kalmykia or Rostov Oblast.

Posts about foreign travel are presented, in the majority, by so-called `` guest entries ''; with attribution. Everything else, including photos – this is the author's material of the creator of the blog.

The photos themselves are presented in large numbers and of good quality, with good detail. For some it may seem like a minus to have personal and family pictures, but this does not affect the informativeness of the blog.

Address: // worldroads .ru /


Victoria Camilleri's blog

Victoria Camilleri. A world without borders

Another interesting blog, this time – by traveler and professional photographer Victoria Camilleri. The site was created in 2010 in an amateur format, but over time it was transformed into a full-fledged travel diary, supported by high-quality photo reports.

Heading, like other author blogs , corresponds to personal preferences – in the first place for Victoria is Italy. By 2015, the country had accumulated 145 entries covering key tourism regions. Besides, the author pays special attention to Bulgaria, Spain and Malta.

The author does not write much about Russian tourism – basically, these are notes about significant sights of Moscow, in particular – these are interesting stories about metro stations and photographs of the halls. There are several travel notes about Siberia.

Section"Miscellaneous" in the blog `` World without Borders '' contains informative and informative articles about air travel, traditions of some countries of the world, various tips for travelers, as well as links to interviews and other third-party materials of the author.

A feature of the site is that that articles are published in three languages. Besides the Russian language, all materials are also posted in Italian and English.

Address: //


Mila Demenkova's blog

Mila Demenkova's blog

A variant of a women's travel diary presented blogger Mila Demenkova. The girl, originally from Belarus, actively began to describe her adventures in 2011, and since then, the steady replenishment of reports has turned the page of the online diary into a full-fledged author's blog.

The blog is linked to various author accounts on social networks, including the video blog. Videos are a harmonious addition to text and photographic material.

Commercial component of the blog – it is a link to partner projects for finding daily accommodation and cheap air tickets. Each section contains detailed instructions for using a third-party resource.

Address: //
The commercial component of the blog – it is a link to partner projects for finding daily accommodation and cheap air tickets. Each section contains detailed instructions for using a third-party resource.

Address: //
The commercial component of the blog – it is a link to partner projects for finding daily accommodation and cheap air tickets. Each section contains detailed instructions for using a third-party resource.

Address: //

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