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Places of Interest in Great Britain

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Great Britain – a very rich country in interesting places. Magnificent architecture, a lot of historical sites, medieval castles and modern streets, many museums for every taste – anyone will find a sight to their liking.


Tower Bridge

Big Ben – a visiting card of both London and the entire United Kingdom. Probably, it is this building that pops up in the minds of millions at the mention of this country. The world famous bell is located in the clock tower of Westminster Palace, which is an equally attractive sight.

Tower Bridge – another iconic landmark of Great Britain, it is difficult to confuse it with anything else. The bridge is unique in that pedestrians can cross it even in a raised state. In the gallery of the bridge you can get acquainted with its history, there is a museum with all sorts of models, sketches, photographs and other details about this attraction.

The Tower of London – historic center of London. This famous fortress is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and never suffers from a shortage of tourists. What this fortress did not happen to be: a prison, a zoo, a mint, a royal arsenal, etc. Now visitors are waiting for architectural monuments, museums and the treasury of the British crown.

Stonehenge. You need to try very hard not to see this monument in photographs at least once in your life. This is a complex of stone blocks megaliths and triliths, impressive in size and weight. The construction began to be erected around 3000 BC, and was completed only in 2440-2100. This is one of the main mysteries of our civilization, neither the author nor the purpose of the structure, no one knows, but many are sure that the place has mystical power .

Loch Ness. The famous Scottish lake – the habitat of a mysterious monster, which all visitors hope to see. Besides, it's just a very beautiful place with great nature.

Piccadilly. `` I walked along Piccadilly Street at a faster pace ... '' sung by Laima Vaikule. This place is mentioned in their works by many creators. This is definitely one of the brightest and busiest streets in the historic center of London – Westminster. And these days there are many closed clubs « for their own. '' It was in this place that the world's first neon sign appeared. The street is conveniently located for access to many attractions.

The Beatles Museum in Liverpool – a huge collection of exhibits that will win the hearts of fans of the famous group. At the entrance you can get an audio guide in Russian.

The Beatles Museum in Liverpool

You can list the sights of Great Britain as long as you like: this is Sherwood Forest – the place where Robin Hood was hiding; Trafalgar Square – here Churchill announced the end of the Second World War to the Londoners; British Museum – one of the largest museums in the world with the most valuable exhibits; Buckingham Palace – Her Majesty's official residence in London; The road of the giants – unique natural landmark; London Eye – once the world's largest Ferris wheel; various castles and cathedrals, there are dozens of them, zoos and squares – it will take more than one week of vacation to see all this.

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Topic: Places of Interest in Great Britain.Places of Interest in Great Britain

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