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Things not to do in Barcelona

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Barcelona – pearl of the Spanish coast, and one of the most visited cities in the country. Dozens of creative people are associated with the name of this city, songs have been written and written about Barcelona, films are made, tours to Barcelona every year provide Spain with millions of visitors from all over the world.



But like any another city, Barcelona has a number of features that every tourist who is going to visit this place needs to know. Rules of conduct, unspoken laws of the city and place, which are best avoided – Here's a list of things not to do in Barcelona.

Calling Catalans Spaniards

Unfortunately, recent political events have brought two peoples living in the same territory to the brink of open enmity. Catalans can react extremely negatively if they are publicly or even personally called Spanish. Catalan culture developed in parallel with Spanish culture, but the desire for political autonomy led to numerous public protests for the separation from Madrid citizenship.


No smoking outside designated areas

Smoking outside designated areas

Until a certain time, the Spaniards were considered one of the most smoking nations in Europe. But, in recent years, a number of laws have been passed that have significantly reduced both the use of tobacco and the number of places where smoking is allowed. In fact – smoking is now allowed only in those places where the corresponding sign is located. In fact, this means that you cannot smoke on a busy street, near crowded places, as well as at a certain distance from schools, hospitals and other socially significant objects. Many restaurants now have dedicated hood rooms or outdoor terraces overlooking the courtyard.

Trying to go to the bullfight

Another topic that should not be brought up in Barcelona and all of Catalonia – this is a bullfight. Since 2012, the Royalist Parliament of Catalonia has imposed a official ban on bullfighting to please animal advocates. The inhabitants of Barcelona tried to defend their right to a centuries-old tradition, but the authorities remained adamant. Now the stadiums continue to be empty, and thousands of people employed in this area were forced to look for another job. At any time of the year, spontaneous rallies against this law can be seen on the city streets.



`` Shine '' valuable things on the street

The general rule for any tourist center in Barcelona is especially true. Unfortunately, the Catalan capital has a very unfortunate reputation as a city with particularly daring pickpockets and robbers. Any equipment, even during the day, should be carried here on a strong belt and in the most ordinary bag, without branded covers that attract the attention of any thief. It is also worth remembering about jewelry and large amounts of cash – especially in the busy tourist quarters in the late afternoon.

Walking in the immigrant quarters

Any city has many places that tourists are not recommended to enter. In Barcelona, these quarters are negotiated with the guide, but even this does not insure against troubles. The fact is that the pedestrian Ramblas after midnight turns into a real hangout in the middle of the city. Prostitution in Spain is legalized, therefore one of the most beautiful streets of the city is occupied by openly dressed girls and pimps in the dark. In addition, tourists are constantly offered to buy drugs, the possession of which in Spain is strictly prohibited.


Sagrada Familia

Queue at the Sagrada Cathedral

Legendary Cathedral Holy Family – one of the definitive places to visit in Barcelona and all of Spain, according to most observers. Only in these same observers not a word is said about the kilometer-long queues, confusion with excursion groups and boorish guides who treat the guests of the shrine as an endless human conveyor belt. Instead of a cathedral, which you can admire from the outside, it is worth visiting one of the three hundred churches of Barcelona – many of them have no queues at all. Also, a good option would be to attend Sunday Mass in order to touch the everyday culture of the city.

Important: It is better for tourists to be late for services in the temples of Barcelona. The fact is that the tradition of Spanish masses requires that any divine service begin with confession and communion, which must be passed by all who come. If the guest speaks Spanish badly, they are unlikely to be understood, and if he also refuses the ritual – then the reproachful glances of the flock are secured until the very end of the Mass.  

Go to flamenco evenings

Madrid flamenco festivals are perceived by the inhabitants of Barcelona with irony, and some – with open hostility and mockery. For this reason, dance and music performances in the flamenco style are arranged here only for tourists, which does not at all indicate a high level of the show. If you want to feel the local music, then it is best to go to one of the many clubs where rumba dances. According to most tourists – in this dance the Catalans have no equal for more than a century. Despite the fact that it was created in Cuba, not Spain.


Football stadium

Visit football stadiums

Ticket for the match of the famous football club Barca for a certain part of the guests of the Catalan capital – almost the main reason to visit this city. But many sports fans will be disappointed – it will be simply impossible to get tickets right before the game – so football in Spain is in demand. The other side of the coin – Aggressive fans that cause a lot of trouble for the city police.

Important: The best way to watch football matches is in the sports bars in Barcelona. The intensity of passions there is no less than in the arena itself, but the politeness of the public is much higher. If only because that fans of the `` enemy '' will not sit dangerously close club.

Pay the full cost of museum tickets

One of the most expensive types of sightseeing tourism in Barcelona will be visiting all the central museums at a common price tag from the tour operator. This is done on purpose so that tourists give more money, but there is a way to get around this scheme. The fact is that almost all museum complexes in Barcelona have free days to visit, as a rule – only once a month, but there are exceptions. There is also the Barcelona Card for tourists, which provides a discount on most museums, and is also a universal travel pass.

Violate restaurant etiquette

As in many Spanish cities, Barcelona has its own rules of conduct in restaurants and other entertainment establishments. The key unspoken law – obey the waiter in everything – from choosing free tables to ordering food. By the way, the tourist quarters of the city – this is not the best place to choose even a cafe – everything will be very expensive. In the rest of Barcelona, to get an honest menu, you need to communicate with the waiters in only in Spanish. Otherwise, a `` menu for a foreigner '', where everything will be at least half more expensive for you.    

Any tourist observer will dictate the truth – August – best time to visit Spain and Barcelona. Unfortunately, too many are of the same opinion. For the indigenous Catalans, August becomes a time when every second person dreams of leaving the city – there are so many crowds of tourists, exhaust from double-decker buses and other `` delights '' high season. For the tourists themselves, August – this is the time of the highest prices, kilometer lines and increased pickpocket activity. The best time to visit Barcelona – it's spring or autumn.

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Topic: Things not to do in Barcelona.Things not to do in Barcelona

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